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Tips on Decorating Your Patio

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Decorating your patio can be a strenuous endeavor if you make it that way.  But, you don’t have to. Follow our no stress decorating guide and spend the time enjoying your patio rather than agonizing over it.

Take the stress out of decorating your patio by using common sense.  Do it one step at a time.  Decide what is most important to you right up front and check that one off the list.

The two hardest decisions most people have is deciding to decorate for themselves or for company.  If you’re one of those people who need to have everything just right so when company may stop by that your patio is a perfect showplace, then you need to concentrate on high quality style, the number of pieces, which pieces you want and layout.

If you are simple folk and want a great looking and functional patio primarily for yourself and immediate family and you really don’t care whether outsiders that stop by every once and a while approve of your patio set up or not, then you need only concentrate on designs you like and can afford and what pieces are necessary to make you satisfied.

Wicker Set
Winward Four Piece Seating Group

Start with the basics.  Furniture style and available accessories.  Whether you’re planning a wood, wicker or metal furniture set, do your homework.  See whats available in style and colors and at what price.  It’s important to identify the style and color that best fits what you have envisioned as your patio set and the price range you are comfortable with.

Determine what pieces are available.  Some collections will only have a few pieces available and perhaps only be sold in sets. You might not be able to add to them later and match style and colors. Other collections will have an extensive availability of extras that will help you build your set.  Quality dealers will help answer these questions.  If you can’t afford to buy everything the first year, find out from the dealer the availability of the the furniture you are interested in and if they will carry the same furniture and colors then next year.  This can really help if your strapped for cash but really need to start adding to your patio.

If sitting around and chatting on your patio is of primary importance, then you should be considering seating groups or individual pieces that can be moved into position for casual discussions. Typical sets include one settees, two chairs and a coffee table.  Other combinations are available depending on the vendor and manufacturer.  If reading is high on the list, then you might want to consider a deep seating chair and ottoman or chaise lounge chair.  If dining is important, then you should consider choosing a round, rectangular or oval dining table with armless or armed dining chairs to suit your needs.

Deep seating furniture has thick cushions on the seat and backs of the furniture.  Cushions are typically optional on standard design furniture.   So, if you need real comfort, you need to be looking at deep seating furniture.  Although, standard furniture with seat cushions are generally very adequate for most people.

When picking out your cushions and fabric, pick a design that you can be happy with for several years.  Cushions are expensive to replace, so picking out a nice pattern or solid color that goes well with the furniture and your outdoor decor will keep you happy and expense free for a long time.

Take care of your cushions when your not using them for long periods of time. Either cover them with furniture covers or store them inside.  The sun is their worst enemy.

Accessorize your seating with coffee and end tables.  You can add round or square end tables to seating to provide a unique user experience.  Glass Tops are a great idea on tables for two basic reasons:

  1. They provide a level surface to place drinking glasses on and,
  2. They are easy to clean and keep sterol

Consider adding a planter or ferny to your design to help mellow the atmosphere.  Flowers added to a patio can provide the art and character.

Use your imagination by adding gnomes, bird baths, handing baskets and more to your outside dynasty to make it all yours.

Hope this will make it a little easier and helps you recognize the important things to consider in decorating your outdoor patio.

Check back for our next article to learn more about rattan furniture.

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