Tips On How To Furnish Four Season Rooms

Indoor Outdoor Swivel Glider

Deep Seating Swivel Glider

If you have a four season room, you need to decorate it with warm cozy furniture that matches the environment of the room.  Nothing fits the bill more than wicker or rattan furniture. If you furnish sunrooms and four season rooms with wicker and rattan furniture you will ensure you reach your objective.

Four season rooms are all about style and atmosphere.  Generally, these rooms are not giant size and care needs to be taken to pick the right furniture to ensure the room is not over crowded.  Typically, you want adequate seating arranged for reading and socializing, but you want lots of space.  If you have a fireplace in your four season room, you may want to consider that as your focal point. 

Patio Loveseat with Cushions

Resin Love Seat With Deep Seat Cushions

Rattan Chair

Deep Seating Rattan Chair

Consider a comfortable deep seating wicker or rattan love seat as your main couch.  Use wicker or rattan club chairs as additional seating along with a comfortable rocking chair.  Use natural wicker, resin wicker or solid rattan glass topped end tables along side your seating.  Rattan swivel rockers are very popular for sunrooms and four season rooms because the are so versatile and comfortable.  Choose a large ottoman that can be used to put your feet up on or be used as an additional seat in a pinch.

Rattan Ottoman With Foam Cushion

Rattan Ottoman

Rattan Swivel Rocker

Rattan Swivel Rocker

Using wicker and rattan furniture to furnish four season rooms will always create a pleasant and desirable decor.  This type of furniture will ensure your room is decked out visually and for the creature comforts.  One added benefit its that this type of furniture is light in weight yet strong and can be moved easily for cleaning and rearranging.  Unlike other types of furniture, its easy to get your cushions recovered to change things up when the old fabric just does not cut it anymore.

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