Top 7 Indoor Wicker Furniture Items for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. We are already seeing the decorations for it in the big department stores! With that being said, we thought to ourselves, if we could have the ultimate Wicker Thanksgiving Dinner, what products would we choose?

Well, without further hesitation, here is our top 7 Thanksgiving Wicker Furniture Wishlist.

Wicker Buffet

Cottage Buffet

Wicker Hutch


Wicker Dining Chair

Wicker Armed Dining Chiar

Wicker Side Chair

Cottage Wicker Side Chair

Console Table

Cottage Console Table

Wicker Dining Set

Cottage Wicker Dining Set


Cottage Dining Table

This cottage dining table is the perfect Thanksgiving table for a small family dinner. With a glass top included you can enjoy the beauty of the wicker design through the clear glass.

Cottage Dining Arm Chair

Having two of the cottage dining arm chairs at the heads of each end of the table are a perfect spot for parents to sit for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether it’s mom or dad carving the turkey at the head of the table, they will look good doing it in their wicker arm chair.

Cottage Dining Room Side Chair

These side chairs are perfect for the kids sitting at the table. Let’s face it, their elbows are more than likely on the table, so why do they need the arm rest? Setting the side chairs with two on each side provides plenty of seating for the family.

Cottage Buffet / Cottage Hutch for Buffet

Before the beautiful cottage wicker dining table is set, we want to be able to see our beautiful china that is being stored in the hutch. This cottage buffet and hutch looks beautiful in any dining room. After setting the table and removing the china from the hutch, use the buffet as an area to hold those Thanksgiving decorations that the kids made during school.

Deco Chair

Now that dinner is over and the family wants to sit around and talk with each other, these great looking deco chairs are the perfect option. You can set these up in a sunroom or indoor patio area. For those that are ready to fall asleep after eating all that turkey, than the deco rocker chairs may be the perfect match.

Mystic Isle Chair

Along with the Deco chairs the Mystic Isle Chairs are another great option for after dinner. These chairs are a little wider, and let’s face it, after Thanksgiving dinner, maybe we need that extra space!

Mackinac 6 Piece Dining Set (For Indoor/Outdoor Use)

Are you having Thanksgiving dinner outside? Let’s hope the weather is beautiful enough to do that. If so, then the Mackinac 6 Piece Dining Set is a perfect table to set up outside for a small family, or maybe just for the kids. This set includes the wicker glass top table and 4 Mackinac open weave wicker chairs.

There you have it. If you’re looking to add some wicker design to your home for Thanksgiving dinner, this should help.

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