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Set of Wicker Cushions

Tufted Three Piece Cushion Set

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When you go shopping for a tufted three piece cushion set for your patio wicker furniture, don’t settle for limited box store offers. Buy a three piece set from a cushion maker that you’ll really like, that will fit and save money on by purchasing a set.

Shopping for replacement cushions should not be hard, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a retailer that has a wide selection and sells replacement cushions that fit your furniture without having to make custom cushions.  Cushions should be comfortable, not just look good.  Seek out a retail cushion maker that has a wide selection of fabric and can craft the cushions to fit your furniture.

Cushion Sets

Tufted three piece cushion sets are one of the most popular sets of replacement cushions that people request.  The set consists of two standard chair seat cushions and a love seat cushion.  Standard wicker sets only use seat cushions, they don’t use back cushions.  The reason is that the seats are not deep enough to sit comfortably with back cushions.  Your legs would hang out over the front edge of the chair too far if you use a back cushion.

Seat Sizes

A wicker three piece cushion set has rounded back corners to conform with the wicker fames.  Typical standard chair cushion sizes are 18in. x 18in. and 19in. x 19in.  Love Seat sizes are 18in. x 41in. and 19in. x 42in.


Tufting offers style and functionality to a cushion.  Tufts are sewn circles between the top and bottom panel for the purpose of keeping the fill inside the cushion in place.  Depending on the number and placement of the tufts, the cushion can look and feel different.  Chair cushions commonly have one or four tufts whereas, love seat cushions can have three, six or eight tufts.  The more tufting done to a cushion the thinner and more firm the cushion will become.  Fewer tufts increase the thickness and puffiness of a cushion. 

Outdoor Fabrics

When you use cushions outside, you need to think about durability of the fabric to weather conditions.  Resistance to water and ultraviolet sunlight are important considerations.  Some fabrics, like all-weather fabric are prints.  Inks are used to print patterns on a polyester fabric base.  These inks are rated for use outdoors, but care must be taken to lengthen their useful life.  In as much as they will ware well, they will begin to fade slightly over time.  In order to delay fading of all-weather fabric, its best to either:

  • Cover the furniture and cushions with a furniture cover when you are not using it
  • Store the cushions in an outdoor storage container or,
  • Bring the cushions inside and store them out of the sun

Caring for all-weather fabric cushions in this way will extend the life of the cushions and fabric and keep them looking good for a long time.

A quality fabric like Sunbrella fabric is a top of the line material that offers excellent water and ultraviolet light resistance.  Sunbrella fabric is a solution died fabric that has the color contained in the yarn itself.  This type of acrylic material can sustain its resistance to water and ultraviolet light much longer than most other fabrics without fading or deteriorating.

So, when your shopping for a replacement three piece cushion set for your patio furniture, be aware that there are different sizes, and fabrics that can make a big difference on how you use and care for your cushions.

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