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Indoor and Outdoor throw pillows

Use Throw Pillows For Fun and Comfort

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Throw Pillows, also known as toss pillows, are a must for area seating.  Adding throw pillows to your decor is always a good choice because they are great accent pieces and provide the desirable support you need while using your furniture.  Select a shape, size, and fabric design that accents your decor to make your patio or indoor seating an enjoyable experience. 

Cushion Shapes & Sizes

Although there are many different shapes & sizes a cushion can be crafted into, the typical ones available are square and round throw pillows.  Each shape has its alluring visual qualities, although the size plays the most important role in how it will be used to comfort the user.

Regardless of the shape, smaller toss pillows are great when used to support your back or under your neck head when you take a snooze or to support your arms.  Larger pillows are great for softening your back against an un-cushioned frame or support to help you angle your body while lying down on a loveseat, sofa, or chaise.


Often choosing a matching fabric for your throw pillows that matches your furniture cushions is fine.  But to liven things up, choose solids or patterns with colors that complement your cushions and decor.

Choose indoor, all-weather Sunbrella fabric for indoors or all-weather or Sunbrella fabric for outdoor use.


Piping, commonly referred to as welting or cording, is another nice feature on toss pillows.  Adding a bead of piping around the seam of a pillow adds a little more elegance and style.  Although, don’t feel compelled to add piping to outdoor furniture pillows unless you can’t live without the look.  Many imported throw pillows you find in stores include piping.  But if you have pillows made, you have a choice. Piping does look great, but it’s not necessary, and many people live happily without it, especially if you are on a budget.


Choose throw pillows to meet both your decor and comfort requirements.  Select pillow sizes that complement your furniture size and lounging style.  Pick a fabric that complements your furniture and decor, and add piping to enjoy an elegant upgrade to your pillows.

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