Using Indoor Wicker for Sunrooms

Rattan Swivel Rocker

Rattan Swivel Rocker


If you have a sunroom in your home, you may be wondering if you should use indoor or outdoor wicker furniture. You may have the concern that since the sunroom will receive, well, a lot of sun, that the indoor wicker is not suitable. However, indoor wicker furniture may be used in a sunroom as well.

It is actually very common for people to use indoor furniture for a sunroom. Adding a coat of paint can help turn a wicker chair into a matching piece of furniture for the room.

Having family meals, or even a mid-afternoon lunch in a sunroom can be a very relaxing and beautiful time, so consider purchasing a wicker dining set for the room. A typical wicker dining set will include a wicker table and four wicker chairs. Adding additional chairs or side tables can add room for others to just hang out in the sunroom as well.

If eating out in the sunroom doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, then a wicker chaise lounge with some beautiful cushions may be what is calling your name. Close your eyes and think about it, relaxing in the sunroom with a good book in hand and the sun shining through. Just you, the book, and wicker!

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