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Website Security For Shopping

Website Security For Safe Shopping

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How Will This Article About Wicker Living’s Website Security Help You?

Reading and understanding the content of this article will help you understand what website security for our Wicker Living website means to you as a customer.

This article specifically addresses how secure you are when connected to our website.  While you are connected and shopping on our website, making a purchase or reading articles on our Blog, you can be assured that you can shop securely.  You should not have to worry that your connection to our website or the data being communicated is secure from online threats.

What are the benefits?

Ensuring a pleasant and safe website shopping experience is essential for any website customer and the website owner.  Our implementation of your secure connection to our website will protect you against bad guys that try to hack, steal or manipulate online data within your connection.  You can feel comfortable when shopping at Wicker Living that you are protected against your data being compromised.  We are using the most up to date data encryption to safeguard your information.   

What Can Happen Without Securing Your Website Connection?

Security breaches are the biggest threat to online shopping, surfing and exchange of funds online.  Experienced hackers can break into insecure websites and user connections and perform any number of devious acts such as:

  • Plant Viruses That Can Record Keystrokes
  • Stealing Passwords, Credit Card, Bank and Account Information
  • Manipulate Website Data
  • Plant Harmful Viruses That Can Make a Website Inoperable or Transfer Your Connection to a Predators Website

In addition to webmaster’s ensuring that the technical design of their website be safe from intruders, its also important that they implement encryption security so that when you are connected through your browser to a website that the information being exchanged between you and the website remains private and safe.

Your Safe With HTTPS

HTTPS is the computer protocol we use to secure the communications discussed here between your browser and our website and server.

The main motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the visited website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.  This type of protocol was originally used on the web only to secure payments.  However, its now good practice to secure every page of the entire website.

When you are on our Wicker Living website, look for the https in front of the Wicker Living website address url and you can be sure that our website is a safe place to shop.  It will look like this:  https://www.WickerLiving.com.  The https that shows up in front of the url address is green in color and ensures your are shopping privately and securely.  The image of the locked padlock to the left of the https on the url line also shows that your connection is secure.

https for safety and privacy
Website Security with https

With HTTPS, bidirectional communications is encrypted between you (the client) and the website server (us).  This encryption does not allow intruders to be able to listen in or interpret the data being communicated between you and us.  Thats really good because you can feel comfortable about shopping, entering account data, passwords and using your charge card on our website.  Hackers can’t read or interpret the data.

Other Security Issues

In addition to ensuring authentication of the website and the server is secure using state-of-the-art encryption, a webmaster also needs to ensure that the design of the website itself is safe keeping intruders from gaining access and planting viruses or manipulating website data. We can assure you that our website design is up to date and all known security issues are addressed promptly.  We regularly review our website design to ensure that new online threats do not pose any threat to us or you.

Website Browsers

Website browsers are vulnerable to attacks by hackers when they are old or not kept up to date properly.  Be sure to use a browser that is known to be be good and make sure you perform all of the manufactures updates when supplied.

We appreciate your business and will ensure that our Wicker Living website is well maintained and always safe to use.

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