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Sunbrella Cushions

What Are Sunbrella Cushions

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If you are wondering what Sunbrella cushions are, you are not alone.  Unless you have had the opportunity to shop for replacement cushions recently for your patio or sunroom furniture, you probably are not familiar with the cushion fabrics available for today’s cushions.  Cushions fabricated with Sunbrella fabric are the best cushions made in today’s market because they are durable, don’t fade, and clean up quite well if they get dirty.

Cotton fabric cushions could not hold up to extreme outdoor conditions.  In the search to find a quality replacement for cotton cushions that held the same rich feel and look, Sunbrella fabric was developed and used in cushion making.

What Makes Them Sunbrella Cushions

What makes cushions Sunbrella cushions is that the fabric used to make them is Sunbrella fabric.  Sunbrella fabric is an incredible modern acrylic fabric designed to be used and exposed to extreme weather and temperature conditions and not degrade.

Acrylic Fabric

Sunbrella fabric is 100% solution-dyed acrylic.  This means that the color of the yarn is solution dyed, meaning that the pigment color is embedded into the acrylic fibers through a solution process in making the fibers before it is woven into fabric.

The solution dye process is completely different than a fabric that is printed.  Prints use inks that are painted on the surface of a fabric.  Inks do not hold the same resilient qualities that solution-dyed acrylics do.

Why Sunbrella is The Best

Sunbrella fabric is the best for the outside because it holds all the important properties we want for a quality fabric for cushions.  It does not bleed, fade or degrade and resists and repels water.  It stays soft, the colors stay vibrant, and the fabric is easy to clean.

Cushion Fill

You can choose from various cushions, including polyester-filled tufted cushions, solid foam, and Dacron-filled cushions.  Each has its qualities and characteristics.  All are good for the outdoors and inside.  Choose the one thats best for you.


So you see, Sunbrella cushions can be any style or type of cushion you want, providing the cover is made from Sunbrella fabric. Buying a cushion made using Sunbrella fabric will ensure that you have one of the highest-quality cushions available.

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