Why Wicker Furniture Withstands The Hands Of Time and is Not Just A Trend


It’s hard to imagine a time when wicker has not been a large part of our society. From the very early days, wicker has been used for baskets, furniture, and decor items. People have appreciated the convenience, warmth, and elegance of wicker products. Even now, things have not changed much. People still look to find wicker products that make a room feel warm and elegant, while also benefitting from light, strong furniture that is easy to move and that can be re-cushioned from time-to-time to extend its useful life and meet new updated decor requirements.

History of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was used thousands of years ago and is still used today. The interesting thing is that it’s still one of the most desirable types of handmade furniture. Unlike many other types of furniture, wicker furniture is entirely made by hand, not machine. An exception—if you can call it that, is the metal frames used to make modern day resin wicker. They use machine tools to bend and weld the frames, similar to bending rattan poles of natural wicker furniture. However, these are still made by hand, not by a machine.

Natural wicker was originally used to craft furniture made from organic materials. Today, man-made resins take the place of natural fibers to produce outdoor, weather-resistant furniture.

Classical Designs

Since the very early days of time, the wicker designs have not changed. Classical designs were basic in nature and the weavers were artists that showed their skill by designing furniture with curves, twists, beautiful woven swirls, and love-knots that depicted one crafter’s product from another. Some were simple designs and others we intricate, majestic pieces of art.

Modern Designs of Today

Today’s designs are a little more fashionable to meet the needs of today’s modern homes and patios. People want furniture that will look great, function well, and last a long time. Resin wicker furniture has taken a foothold and has begun to replace the natural wicker market of yesteryear. New resins provide durable, clean, and easy to maintain wicker that was unheard of years ago. Flat wicker cane has become a big hit, offering a new feel and look over the common round cane. Even thick cane had reached a new high with wonderful handmade designs that entice old timers and young adults alike. Although new patterns have evolved, many of the classical patterns still exist today and are sought after by many traditionalists.

The Price

In the past, wicker products were inexpensive and were even classified as “cheap.” This is not the case today. Wicker has become a premium, handmade product and therefore, people want it more than ever. With an eye on quality, people also want their investment to be economical, as well. Choosing a quality product, no matter what type it is, will always make you happy when you know it’s money well spent.

When you shop, make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. There are many ways advertising can deceive you. Check into the details and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

As an example, one store sells the same sofa for $200 more than the other store. At first glance, they look identical. When you dig into it a little more, you find that the cushions of the one store are inferior, use less desirable fabric for the cushions, the cushions are two inches thinner than the other store, and the material inside the seat cushions is 100% Dacron, rather than urethane foam. Chances are that the less expensive set will wear out much sooner and will have to be replaced at a higher cost than if you spent money on the higher quality set to begin with.

Another thing that may affect the price is where it’s made. Wicker made in the USA is usually higher-priced than those made overseas. Pieces made in the USA are usually of good quality. If that’s something important to you, then you should consider shopping for products made in the USA.

The Trend

Using natural or synthetic wicker furniture is still a common and desirable way to furnish the inside of your home, your porch, or your patio. People’s tastes still reach for quality, handcrafted items and the look of handwoven wicker furniture. There is no reason to think that the trend of people still seeking out and decorating their homes with wicker will change anytime soon.

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