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Wicker Console Tables

Wicker Console Tables – Tips to Decorate Your House

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Wicker Console Tables

A wicker console table is a unique table that can significantly improve your home’s decor when placed properly and decorated with elegant accents.  Wicker console tables are unique because they display a warm intricate woven pattern, unlike other hard-surface console tables.

Where to Use A Console Table

In a Foyer

Wicker console tables can be used in different places in your home.  One of the most common uses is the foyer.  This is commonplace because it becomes a handy place for people coming in from outside can use the table to place things on as they enter the house.  It’s a nice place to set a night light or table lamp to keep the foyer lit when you walk in or have a light on during the night.

In a Bedroom

Placing a console table in a bedroom is a way to use it as a substitute for a vanity.  Place a mirror above it and place the things you use to prepare in the morning on its top.

In a Living Room

Use a wicker console table in a living room against an empty wall or the back of a loveseat or sofa.  In this scenario, you can use the console table to display framed photographs, nick-nacks, or their accents. 

In The Kitchen

Use a wicker console table along a kitchen counter or wall to hold dishware, napkins, silverware, or food trays during a meal.

On The Patio

Wicker console tables are great tables to use on the patio. You never have enough table space on a patio as you do inside. So, adding a console table is a great table to use around the dining table or for displaying decorative items to improve the decor.


 Modern wicker console tables are used to decorate indoors and on the patio. In addition to decorating, they are great tables to be used to hold or display decorative items.

When you’re looking for a way to decorate an area or need additional table space, consider using a wicker console table and enjoy its elegant design and functional attributes.

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