Wicker Cushions For Standard Wicker Furniture

Set of Three Wicker Cushions

Wicker cushions references the common name many people use when they are referring to cushions they use on standard wicker.  Cushions are not a necessity on standard wicker seating, but most people prefer using a set of cushions in lieu of no cushions at all. This article will help you understand what wicker cushions are and their benefits.

First lets identify what standard wicker furniture is so that it’s clear what wicker cushions are.  Standard wicker seating furniture is wicker furniture that has a woven wicker seat and does not require cushions to use it as compared to deep seating wicker furniture that requires you use seat and back cushions to use the furniture.

Exploring why people use cushions with standard wicker if standard wicker seating does not need seat cushions is pretty straight forward.  Simply speaking, you don’t need seat cushions with standard wicker.  Wicker is usually comfortable enough for short periods of sitting time without using seat cushions.  However, using seat cushions with your furniture provides a few worthy benefits.  Cushions add comfort and add to the style and elegance of the seating decor.

Wicker Cushions – How They Got Their Name

Wicker cushions got their name from their definitive shape and style and the fact that they were used on wicker furniture and the fact that wicker cushions are one of the most popular replacement cushions sold on the market.  Wicker cushions are sold individually and more often sold as a set of three cushions.  Popular wicker furniture sets have two chairs, a love seat and coffee table.  This four piece arrangement became so popular over the years, replacement cushions needed to be supplied for new furniture and from time to time to replace aging cushions.  When people shopped and mentioned that they needed wicker cushions for their wicker furniture, the term “wicker cushions” stuck and thats how they got their name.

Today, wicker cushions are not only used for wicker furniture, they are used for other types of furniture out there that have the same seat shape. Besides wicker, metal, wood and rattan furniture can also use the same type of cushions used with wicker furniture.

Wicker Cushions Are Tufted Cushions

The well known wicker cushions are basically a tufted cushions with rounded back corners and squared off front corners.  Tufting is a method of making cushions where sewn circle tufts are sewn between the top and bottom cushion panel to provide stability to the fiber fill and a distinctive shape to the cushion. 

Wicker Cushions For Chairs

Wicker Chair Cushion

Different manufacturers offer different styles of tufting for cushions.  For example, for a 19 in. x 19 in. tufted chair cushion, a single center tuft or four symmetrically spaced out tufts can be use.  The number of tufts is usually coordinated between the chair and loveseat cushions so they look good as a set. 

Wicker Cushions Showing Tufts

Wicker Cushions With Tufts

Wicker Cushion Set

Tufted Wicker Cushions

Wicker furniture is used both indoors and outside.  Wicker cushions can be made using indoor or outdoor fabric.  Recognizing that most outdoor fabrics are as soft as indoor fabrics that contain cotton, most of them are used indoors

Save When You Buy a Set of Cushions

The most popular way to buy wicker cushions is by purchasing a set of three cushions.  The set contains two chair and one love seat cushion.  You typically obtain a discount when buying wicker cushions in a set of three making it a more economical way to shop.

Set of Wicker Cushions

Wicker Cushion Set of 3

Sizes and Styles

Wicker cushions are available in various sizes.  The most common sizes are 18 in. deep  and 19 in. deep sets.  The 18 in. deep sets include two 18 in. x 18 in. tufted chair seat cushions and one 41 in. x 18 in. tufted love seat cushion. The 19 in. deep sets include two 19 in. x 19 in. chair seat cushions and one 42 in. x 19 in. love seat cushion.  In addition to buying them individually, you can buy a set of three cushions which will save you money.

Using wicker cushions is an economical and comfortable way to enjoy your wicker furniture.   Choose solids, strips or patterns that enhance your decor.  You will never regret buying cushions for you standard wicker.  In fact, you my find yourself using it more if you do.

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