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6 Drawer Wicker Dresser


This article will help you understand the different layouts and styles of wicker dressers and chests available today. Recognizing what’s available helps make your job easier when you’re shopping and helps you ask questions about the furniture.

Dressers v.s. Chests

Although used interchangeably quite freely today, there is a difference between dressers and chests. Dressers are typically those pieces for bedroom furniture that you stand in front of and use the tops while you are getting dressed.  In most cases, dressers have mirrors hung or attached to them so that you can see yourself getting dressed.  Chests are usually higher and/or lower and would not accommodate a mirror very well.

Wicker furniture has been a mainstay in homes around the world for hundreds, and even thousands of years. Focusing on the bedroom, wicker dressers and chests have kept the clothes of peasants as well as royal families from keeping their undies from cluttering up the bedroom. Dressers and chests play an important role in our society.  It’s the place we have decided to organize and store our clean clothes.  It’s the place when we were kids where we learned to find clothes we wanted to wear.  How they got clean and folded was magic.  Then we learned to fold and put our clothes away in the dressers.  As we grew even older, we found that we were running out of room and could only fit a limited number of clothes in our dressers.  So we either bought additional dressers or we learned to get rid of the overload.  But, storing our clothes on the floor or on chairs was simply out of the question.

Dresser Styles

There are many dresser designs and styles.  The Florentine dresser and Hampton Bay depict two of the basic wicker styles.  The Florentine style displays a curved front and drawers whereas the Hampton Bay dresser design is boxy style.  Many wicker dressers have wicker ball feet that make them stand out as compared to straight legs and feet.

Dresser Drawer Layout

Wicker Dressers don’t fall too far from the preverbal clothes tree when it comes to functional layout design.  Like many other dressers, wicker dressers are available in many of the conventional layouts just like their solid wood counterparts.

Some typical dressers and chests include:

  • Nine Drawer  Dresser – Three drawers across stacked three drawers high
  • Six Drawer Dresser – Three drawers across stacked two high
  • Six Drawer Chest – Six drawers vertically stacked six high
  • Five Drawer Stacked Dresser – Five drawers stacked vertically five high
  • Four Drawer Dresser – Two drawers across stacked two high
  • Four Drawer Split Dresser – Two half width drawers across on the top level with two full length drawers underneath.
  • Three Drawer Dresser – Three drawers stacked vertically three high

Dresser Tops

Some dressers have solid wood tops and don’t necessarily need to have a glass surface to make it practical to use.  Wicker on the other hand has a woven surface that is not practical to use without a glass top.  Using glass on wicker lets you place simple things on it without the chance of it tipping over or wearing out the reed.

Dresser Drawers

You can tell the functional quality of a dresser by how well the drawers slide open and close.  Whether wood on wood or roller slides, drawers should slide straight and smoothly.

Accessorizing Dressers and Chests

You choose dressers and chests because of their design and appearance.  But by them selves, they can look a little bare.  Accessorizing your dressers and chests with, knick-knacks, lamps, photographs can really increase their elegance. 

Check back for our next article to learn more about wicker headboards.

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