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Patio Loveseat with Cushions
Resin Love Seat With Deep Seat Cushions

Replacing furniture cushions for standard wicker furniture, rattan furniture or patio furniture can be a challenge for more than one reason. You need to consider, size, shape, thickness and style of seat and back cushions. You also need to know whether you need standard or deep seating cushions. You need a wide range of choices from either indoor or all-weather fabric and you will want to be completely satisfied with the overall quality and craftsmanship.

Standard wicker furniture designs typically use only tufted seat cushions. Some standard wicker designs are suitable to add back cushions, but are not necessary on most styles.

The first thing to know is that there is no standard size in wicker furniture or wicker cushions. However, dealers tend to buy and sell wicker furniture with the same size seats for chairs, loveseats and sofas. That way they only need to stock what they call a standard size seat cushion.

Some discount department stores sell scaled down versions or special designs of what you might find at a qualified wicker and rattan dealer. Unfortunately in most cases, replacement cushions are hard to find because they are only made for the special furniture deals.

Tufted cushions are the best value for new or replacement cushions for standard wicker furniture. Quality tufted wicker patio cushions are versatile. Unlike foam cushions, they don’t have to fit perfectly to look and feel good. They can be a little oversized or undersized and still be satisfactory for the purpose.

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