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Wicker Living, LLC Approved to Sell Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture

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Lloyd Flanders Wicker
Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker Living, LLC (Wicker Living) has an exciting announcement to share today.  In our continuous attempts to provide superior products and customer service to our customers, we are happy to announce that we have been approved to begin selling Lloyd Flanders wicker furniture products.  Lloyd Flanders is a leading manufacturer of quality furniture and its made right here in the USA.  This will substantially increase the number of quality indoor and outdoor wicker furniture products and cushions already sold by Wicker Living, LLC on its website.

There will be an initial period where we have to learn about the details of all the different Lloyd Flanders products so that we can convey the appropriate information to our customers in addition to setting up our systems. This will entail development and completion of our new website infrastructure and design to make shopping at Wicker Living fun and customer friendly.

Once our preliminary tasks are compete, we will begin adding the Lloyd Flanders products to our website.  We estimate that to occur this fall of 2014.

Once we begin selling the Lloyd Flanders products, you will be able to purchase most of the products manufactured by Lloyd Flanders including furniture, cushions and decor.

We wanted to make this announcement now so that you have the opportunity to join us on Twitter  and Facebook so that when we begin adding the new products, you’ll be the first ones to know.

Check back for our next article on establishing a checklist of questions or items to ask or look for when purchasing furniture

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