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This article will help you understand wicker mirror products and make suggestions for decorating with wicker mirrors. 

What is a Wicker Mirror

A wicker mirror is basically a mirror that is formed by making a frame from wood or rattan and weaving cane and attaching the woven fabric onto the wooden frame and installing a glass mirror. Hence, qualifying it as a natural wicker mirror. 

Crafting Mirrors

In the manufacture of wicker mirrors,  cane, bamboo or other similar natural products are used to weave the decorative part of the mirror on to wood or rattan frames.  The cane used for most mirrors is derived from the rattan vine considered Grade-A wicker.  The vine is processed and milled into cane, soaked in water to soften it then woven onto to the wooden or rattan frames.  Like most other natural wicker products, the cane is stapled inconspicuously onto the frame holding it in place.  It is then painted or stained and sealed followed by installation of the mirror glass.  The end result is a beautifully hand crafted piece of art.

Mirror Styles:

Wicker Mirrors are available in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors.  Some typical styles include:

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Arched
  • Florentine

Other specialized styles are offered by certain vendors.

Popular Colors:

  • White
  • Honey
  • White Wash
  • Various Shades of Brown (Depending on the Manufacturer)

Decorating With Wicker Mirrors

Decorating a room in your home with a wicker mirror will help improve that room’s ambiance.  Wicker adds warmth and elegance to a home and adding a wicker mirror will do just that.  Bathrooms are great places to hang a mirror.  Either as the main mirror over the sink or as a secondary mirror strategically place on another bathroom wall.  Hallways and foyers are great places to hang a mirror as a decoration and for use by company that visits.  It gives visitors a chance to take a look at themselves conveniently and quickly before they spend time at your home.  Use large wicker mirrors in the bedroom hung above the dresser or simply hung on a wall to provide a good full length view while dressing.  Mirrors hung in dining rooms provide an elegant touch to any dining room decor.  They pick up the reflections of other decorations and lights.

Illusion of Size

Besides looking at your self in a mirror, mirrors offer the illusion that the room is larger than it really is.  Use larger mirrors to make a small room seem larger.  The wider the mirror, the larger the illusion the room will look.

Shopping For Wicker Mirrors

Depending on where you shop, you may find larger or smaller selections of wicker mirrors.  Typically you will have to shop at a wicker store to find a good selection.  You can also consider, that because its natural wicker, you can always paint it a different color to match your decor if you can’t find one that matches your color scheme.


This article discussed how wicker mirrors are manufactured with wood frames and wicker woven and stapled on to the frames.  There are a number of available styles available to choose from such as round, rectangular and more. Decorating with wicker can be a lot of fun and improve your homes ambiance.  Adding wicker mirrors to your bathroom, hallway, foyer or dining room add elegance and warmth to your home as well as giving off the illusion that the rooms look larger.

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