A Wicker Nightstand Has Great Use and Functionality

Wicker Nightstand

Florentine Style Wicker Nightstand


This article discusses what a wicker nightstand is, where they originated, different styles, and how they are used today. 

A wicker nightstand or night table as it is commonly called, is without doubt one of the most necessary pieces of furniture in your bedroom.  We tend to use them for the most important things we need before going to bed at night,  during the night and when we wake up in the morning.

History Of Nightstands

Night stands have a history that date back a few hundred years.  At that time, when people wanted to moved their outhouse activities indoors, they used a chamber pot.  They kept the chamber pot next to their bed tucked into a bedside table cabinet referred to more commonly as a night table.

These nightstands were simple enclosed tables made from solid wood sized for bedside the bed and had a door.  There usually had  one or more shelves with one large enough to hold the chamber pot.  Back then, the tops were used for candles and water basins.

After indoor plumbing, the functional use of the nightstand changed.  People began to develop other uses for the night tables.  The void left by no longer using a champed pot was replaced with other things used at bedtime and in the morning.  These new uses precipitated its redevelopment and redesign.

Old and new materials are used to build nightstands today. Very few nightstands are constructed solely of solid wood anymore.  Instead , combinations of solid  and wood veneered particle board make up the bulk of most nightstands today.  Natural wicker is another style of nightstand that is very popular.  Modern looking nightstands use plastic-like materials which are laminated and cover particle board in modern looking furniture.

Design of Nightstands

The development over time to what we know as the modern nightstands of today diverged in only a few different directions.  One line stayed as it always was as a cabinet with shelves and top. Another did away with the cabinet and left the sides open with shelves.  A third and very popular line incorporated drawers into the nightstand.  Of course, there are variations of these different designs. Various knobs and handles were incorporated as a functional decoration.

Use of Nightstands Today

Modern usage of nightstands was driven primarily by people wanting a more convenient place to store their night clothes and under garments next to the bed among other bedside necessities.  By far, the use of nightstands with drawers outweigh other styles.  Drawers keep the drawer contents out of sight and clean from dust but conveniently slide out for easy access.  Many designs have glass tops that allow you to place drinks on them without damaging the finished surface of the wood or wicker.  Another benefit to using wicker furniture is that wicker allows the contents of the furniture to breath without exposing them to open unprotected conditions. 

Wicker nightstands are unique with respect to the finish not being smooth and the different designs of the wicker weave.  They tend to be lighter in weight because there is much less wood used which makes them easier to move around.


Night stands developed from a piece of furniture that was designed more as a cabinet  and used as something to hold a chamber pot to one that is used today primarily to conveniently hold night clothes and undergarments.  They are made from solid wood, veneered wood, laminated wood and wicker weave.

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