Wicker Set For Your Patio

Deep Seating Wicker Set


A wicker set is one of the most popular types of backyard furniture being sold today.  An overwhelming number of casual furniture dealers are offering outdoor wicker furniture sets with great style, color, comfort with low or no maintenance.  Choosing a set requires you to find a style, size, finish color and cushion fabric that will suit your taste and patio situation.


A wicker patio set can take up some room on your patio so choosing the right set is important.  Sometimes it helps to get a paper and pencil and draw a layout of your patio porch or yard area where you want to place the furniture and sketch in your vision of what the perfect pieces of furniture would be for your situation.  At this point, you just want to scribble down some ideas of the types of furniture you want to consider because there are a lot of options available.  Make sure you can use a full set, or decide whether you are better off buying just a few pieces that you need.


If you don’t already have patio furniture, you don’t have to worry too much about style.  You just get to pick what you like, but, you do need to consider colors.  If you already have some outdoor wicker or another type of casual furniture and want to keep it, then you need to think about what styles and colors will go well with your existing pieces.

Wicker Sets

Most standard and deep seating wicker sets are sold in a group of four pieces of furniture.  You typically get the best price deal when you by a set.  The most common grouping is a love seat, two chairs and a coffee table.  Some new sets are offering fire rings rather than coffee tables.  Wicker sectionals are a new grouping that has become very popular and there are no real standards for what is being offered with sectional groups.


Box stores don’t usually offer an option for cushion fabric but furniture dealers typically do.  Choose fabrics that will complement your patio decor and the furniture frame finish.

Work Out A Deal

You can usually work a deal with a furniture dealer that sells the pieces in groups and individually.  You should be able to exchange one or two of the chairs for one or two rockers or other pieces of furniture.  In fact, working with a furniture dealer, you can usually finagle any kind of wicker set you want.  The price might be different than their standard set, but its definitely doable and you save money for buying multiple pieces.  Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a big box store, you won’t be able to do that.  They sell strictly by the way they buy.  As with most box stores, when the season is over, you won’t find any matching furniture to add to your collection.  They don’t stock it during the off season and then, the next batch of furniture they receive will be completely different than the previous years.

Shop Around

Investigate what is being offered on-linen and in stores.    Once you have identified a few likely candidates that meet your liking, lay out these pieces on your diagram.  If you can get measurements, use them to more accuracy layout the furniture on your diagram and judge whether what your choosing is a good fit for your patio.

Standard and Deep Seating Wicker Sets

If space is an issue, you will need to know that deep seating wicker sets, which are wicker sets that include thick seat and  back cushions, are generally deeper than standard wicker sets that can be used with or without seat cushions. 


When trying to decide on what furniture you want, put a little thought into reviewing where you want to put outdoor furniture, and investigate what wicker sets are available.  Deep seating wicker furniture has a larger frame size than standard wicker.  Make sure you have the room to place the furniture you want.  If a wicker set that is being offered by a furniture dealer is not exactly what you need, try to work out a deal interchanging one pice for another. The price might be different, but it will still be better than buying the individual pieces. Choose cushion fabric that goes with your outdoor decor.

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