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Sunroom Furniture

Wicker Sunroom Furniture

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Wicker sunroom furniture is the rage these days, with everyone looking to furnish a sunroom with affordable elegant furniture.  Sunrooms are casual spaces with lots of sunlight and windows to see the outdoors in lieu of a formal living room space.  But what makes a sunroom special is what you do to decorate it to meet your needs. 

Sunrooms provide a wide variety of uses you don’t get from other rooms in your house.  They are places where people go to relax, socialize, read, or enjoy the world outside by observing it from the inside.  If you own a sunroom you can benefit from furnishing it with wicker furniture.  You’ll enjoy a warm cozy, comfortable experience and decor that your friends and neighbors will not stop discussing.

Sunrooms are not generally used as formal living rooms or dining areas. They are more casual than that.  The large window areas can make it feel very open and informal. Many of them have fireplaces and doors that open to the outside.  These are all things that you need to consider before you start your furniture layout and accent designs. 


Any furniture can be used but indoor wicker or outdoor wicker furniture are popular choices for furnishing sunrooms because wicker provides a warm cozy feeling that people love.  Casual furniture keeps the room from becoming stuffy or formal.

Decorating with wicker furniture is great in a sunroom because you can choose from a wide variety of types and styles of furniture.  You can choose standard wicker, deep seating wicker, or a combination.  Wicker club chairs and love seats are a great starting point to begin your furnishing.  Wicker rocking chairs and single gliders are popular choices, especially for relaxing. 

Setting up a seating arrangement for socializing in a sunroom is a popular desire.  You can use a loveseat with one chair on either side and a coffee table in between.  If the area is large enough, you can use two love seats opposite each other and a chair on either side of the love seats with a coffee table in the middle. 

If reading is your thing, you must ensure your seating has good lighting during the day and at night.  Choose comfortable wicker chairs combined with ottomans or a chaise lounge so you can lean back with your feet up and read comfortably.

The Focus

The Sunroom furniture layout can have a focus or not.  If it has a focus, such as a fireplace, TV, or window, the furniture is aligned in such a way as to focus the furniture toward the focal point.  All the furniture focused on the focal point is in the circle of focus.   Furniture not in the circle of focus can work independently in its area and arrange independently. 


Other than wicker seating, wicker coffee tables, ottomans, cabinets, and shelves can be used to decorate the room.  Use square, round, or oval tables to accentuate your decor. Hang single or double-tier wicker shelves on your walls and accent further with your favorite knick-knacks or family photos.  In addition to wicker products, attractive artwork should be displayed to provide wall accents or focal points.

The number of designs can be endless. Only your imagination will limit your ideas in decorating a sunroom.  Above all, make it a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend your time.

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