A Wicker Trunk For Decorating and Storage

Wicker Trunk

Wicker Trunk With Top and Side Access


Many people have great ideas but don’t act on them because they are unsure of themselves or they just need a vision or confirmation from someone to move forward.  Decorating and using wicker storage trunks can help improve your homes decor in addition to providing that needed piece of furniture to help you keep your home clean and organized. 

Decorating With A Wicker Trunk

A wicker trunk is a unique piece of furniture that qualifies as a storage unit, table or decoration.  Since a truck has more than one potential function, one needs to think through how this piece of furniture will be used in the home.

Decorate your living room or TV room with a wicker trunk.  Place it in front of a sofa as a center piece and coffee table.  Use a glass top when using as a coffee table to ensure safe use of glasses and dishes an as not to harm the wicker top.  The glass allows you to see through to the wicker design. 

In a bedroom, place a wicker trunk at the foot of a bed and use it as a blanket an sheet storage bin.  Placing the trunk at the end of the bed will complement rooms decor, especially if there is no foot board on the bed.

Use it in a child’s bedroom to store toys.  Adding a wicker trunk to a child’s bedroom will soften the ambiance of most solid woods used in children’s bedrooms and give your children the appreciation of fine furniture.

Trunks are great decorative pieces to display in a foyer and use to store boots, shoes, gloves and scarves and keep them convenient, hidden and out of the way.

Trunk Construction

Wicker trunks are typically manufactured by hand using a wooden frame onto which wicker cane is woven and stapled onto the frame.  Depending on the manufacturer, the sides and lid of the trunk may or may not have wood panels applied to some or all sides.  Craftsmen carefully weave the cane into different designs making each piece a unique work of art.  Trunks with woven panels are great for storing clothes or things you want stored with where air can circulate.  Wood lined trunks are more sturdy than those that are not and can be used to store heavier and harder things that don’t need to breathe.

Wood lined trunks can be used to store clothes, toys, books and more.  If your looking to have the trunk breath, look for one that is not wood lined to allow the best air flow.  We recommend using a wood lined trunk if used by children or used to store hard things that are randomly tossed into the trunk.  Cane is strong, but brittle and can be broken or cracked if abused by not taking care when loading things into an unlined trunk.


Wicker Trunks are available in several styles and sizes.  The wall panels are typically woven using single over-under weaving. The edges and borders of trunk walls and lids usually have a rolled twist design to complement the trunk outline.  Multiple side-by-side layers of twisted cane put together in this way create what is referred to as a roll.  Round or rectangular feet can be crafted into the trunk design to offer desirable characteristics. 

The more modern styles of wicker trunks have what is called a two-way opening.  The lid opens as a conventional storage trunk and two doors along a side panel open for access to the inside of the trunk.  Trunks with two way access are great for use as a coffee table because if you use a glass top or have things on the top of the trunk, you can still have access inside by using the side doors.


Trunks can be decorated from the manufacturer with accessories to compliment their appearance  and functionality.  For example, solid or strapped  handles and metal latches can be added creating an outstanding look.

Some common style names include but are not limited to:

  • Hampton Bay
  • Florentine
  • Bombay


This article discussed ways to decorate different rooms in your home with wicker trunks.  It discussed how a wicker trunk is crafted using wood frames, panels an cane to result in different design styles and functional uses.  Wicker cane is woven and twisted to form unique designs.  Trunks and be used for storage, as coffee tables or simply as a decor item. 

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Wicker Trunk

Wicker Trunk With Top and Side Access