Wicker Wall Cabinets For Your Home

Wicker Wall Cabinet

Wicker Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Natural wicker wall cabinets are great storage and display cabinets for use in your home.  They can be used in bathrooms as a medicine cabinet or in other rooms or hall ways as a charming yet functional decoration.  These cabinets are often referred to as space saver wicker cabinets.

Decorating With Wall Cabinets

Decorating with natural wicker cabinets can provide a warm cozy atmosphere to any room.  Mount them on any wall where you want to store and display things.  Decide on a theme and choose a cabinet that conforms to your taste.  Choose from styles that are entirely woven, to those that are combinations of rattan pole and wicker or wood and wicker designs.  Natural wicker products are generally available in natural honey, white and brown tone finishes. Choose colors that are in harmony with your painted or papered walls and other wood trim in the room.

An extended feature supplied with some wicker wall cabinets is a towel bar.  This is often a desirable feature when used in bathrooms or laundry rooms.  It’s quite handy to have the built in towel holder rather than having to mount an additional one in the room conserving space and money.

Wicker That Works Together

Sometimes just having one wicker piece is just not enough to complete a room.  If that’s the case, you should consider finding companion pieces to accompany a wall cabinet such as a wicker mirror or wall shelf to extend the ambience of the room even further.

Painting New or Old Wicker Cabinets

If you already have a good cabinet, or have purchased a new cabinet but the color is just not right, you can fix the problem.  You can paint the wicker.  Use an enamel paint that can be applied using a brush or spay can. If you spray, you will need to do it in a well ventilated area.  Regardless of which method you choose, you will end up with a color that genuinely satisfies your decor rather than having to live with what you had.

Check back for our next article where we will discuss wicker and rattan ottomans.

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