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Carpets & Rugs

Carpets & Rugs

Elegantly designed hand crafted and commercially made carpets and rugs for inside your home, business, porch patio. Great care of skilled workers hand-weave, hand-knot and hand tuft these rugs and carpets. Crafters turn natural fibers of abaca, raffia, wool and sea grass into elegant works of art that are functionality durable enough for home or commercial use.

Use them as functional floor pieces or decorate your ceilings and walls with them.


  • Maize Rug

    Maize Rug

    Whether your in it for the art or for the functional use, this hand crafted maize rug is a real beauty.  This rug is elegantly designed with hand stitched needle point pink roses accompanied with surrounding cabernet and natural color colors.  Use this colorful masterpiece as wall art or use it as it was traditionally used, as a rug.  Either way, you will enjoy its beauty for years.  Available in two sizes


    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 36 in. and 48 in. Diameter Sizes
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 7
    $35.49 save 17%
  • Sea Grass Carpet

    Sea Grass Carpet

    Sea grass carpets are a tradition in many countries. Highly praised and used in Hawaii, southern California, Florida and any many other tropical climates. Used in many outdoor and indoor applications where other carpets just won't do. Although used traditionally in entry and hall ways, the use of these carpets has expanded to patios, decks, four season rooms, game rooms. Its a favorite to be used outside where the sun shines strong and covered outdoor sitting and dining areas. Carpet has no backing and is reversible.

    Many northerners have begun to use a sea grass rug on their decks and patios. It's, easily folded or rolled up for storage.

    This particular sea grass carpet is fabricated by sewing prefabricated 12in. x 12in. Sea grass squares together to form what ever size desirable. Everything here is hand crafted, no machines.

    Curved needle and jute thread available for those who want to redesign the shape of our standard offer prefabricated carpets. Or, if you just want to order and sew your own squares together. Its not that hard to do.

    Please Note: We do not make carpets sizes to order.

    Single Squares and Prefabricated Standard Size Sea Grass Carpets Available:

    • 12 in. x 12 in. Carpet Squares
    • 9 ft. x 12 ft. Carpet
    • 9 ft. x 24 ft. Carpet
    • 9 ft. x 36 ft. Carpet
  • Sea Grass Carpet Squares

    Sea Grass Carpet Squares

    Buy individual squares and make your own sea grass carpet or repair an existing one using our sea grass carpet squares. Complete sea grass carpets available in various sizes.

    • Hand crafted from natural sea grass. Available in 12 in. x 12 in. squares.
    • Available in 12 in. x 12 in. squares.