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Limited Sale - Clearance - Close Outs

Items in this section consist of new items unless otherwise marked. We never sell used items. In some cases we need to move items to reduce stock or make room for new or more popular items.

This category may include:

  1. Limited Sale items which are items that temporarily have had their price lowered to offer customers the opportunity to buy at a reduced price.
  2. Close-out items  which are items that are being eliminated permanently from stock due to unavailability of the item.
  3. Clearance Items which are items being eliminated because we no longer have room to carry the product or its popularity has dwindled


  • Bar Marche Wicker Loveseat

    Bar Marche Wicker Loveseat

    Elegant handcrafted details combined with A-Grade materials to create a unique, open weave lattice detailed loveseat. Our Bar Marche Wicker Love Seat is strong and versatile. Place it on your balcony, porch, sun room, covered porch or breakfast room.

    With a variety of finishes to fit your household, you can move this item to many areas to create spontaneous, sunny and comfortable seating that is both intimate and elegant.

    Shown with tufted seat cushion.

    Our crafted items are made with a customized finish and will look great in your home decor.

    • Optional Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
    • Approx. Loveseat Dimensions (in.): 55 Wide x 25 Deep x 35 High
    • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 28
  • Cape Cod Deep Seating Wicker Set

    Cape Cod Deep Seating Wicker Set

    For deep-seating wicker sets, look no further than the Cape Cod wicker seating group. It is a combination of both traditional wicker and a Cape Cod styled woven design. All pieces of this Cape Cod collection are included in the picture. The four piece set being offered is two-chairs, a loveseat and coffee table. With the highest quality natural wicker and furniture that is made to be both practical and versatile, this combination exceeds expectations.

    Add matching end table and ottoman to this 4 piece set for added effect. This wicker set is perfect for a four season room, summer home, cottage or rental property.

    With various fabrics to choose from, you will be sure to find the ideal place for this set.

    • Close Out Item
    • Glass Tops Included with Tables
    • Choice of Finish
    • Choice of Fabric
    • Single Piping & Zippers on Cushions Included
    • Thick High Density Foam Seat Cushions and Fiber Filled Back Cushions
  • Diamond Wicker Loveseat

    Diamond Wicker Loveseat

    Old world style and elegance is offered with our Diamond wicker love seat. Open weave back with Diamond Designs woven on the seats. Great for lounging on a covered porch or Sun Room. For additional comfort, add an optionally available seat cushion. Light and easy to move for cleaning or rearranging.

    • Optional Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 53 Wide x 24 Deep x 34 High
    • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 28
  • Diamond Wicker Set

    Diamond Wicker Set

    Woven diamond designs complete this high-quality blend of wicker and crafted design. This wicker set includes a love seat, two chairs, and a coffee table. Made with A-Grade wicker and combined with the ultimate blend of elements, this is one of the few sets we offer in the highly-anticipated natural wicker honey finish. Crafted for years of quality, you will enjoy the accommodating color and elegant style of this set.

    For your newly remodeled porch, balcony, or to place in a timeshare or summer home, this set is home-warming and sturdy. Made to last a lifetime, your Diamond Seating can become a family heirloom.

  • Optional Set of 3 Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
  • Loveseat Approx. Dimensions (in.): 53 Wide x 24 Deep x 34 High
  • Chairs Approx. Dimensions (in.): 29 Wide x24 Deep x 34 High
  • Coffee Table Approx. Dimensions (in.): 29 Wide x 18 Deep x 18 High
  • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 80
  • 10-00010-4-SET
    $660.96 save 17%
  • Imperial Open Weave Wicker Love Seat

    Imperial Open Weave Wicker Love Seat

    Made from A-Grade wicker, you will keep this family heirloom and continue to enjoy its versatility. The Imperial wicker love seat is made from traditional wicker and created for two to three people in a seating arrangement.

    Place it on your family porch, engage in conversation underneath a yard tent or place it inside with living room furniture, guest room design, or sun room.

    Choose from our fitted deluxe love seat cushion options in either indoor and all-weather fabrics. Shown with tufted cushion.

    • Optional Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
    • Approx. Loveseat Dimensions (in.): 53 Wide x 24 Deep x 34 High
    • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 35
  • Manchester Wicker Love Seat

    Manchester Wicker Love Seat

    In our traditional style, wicker meets a strong and classic close weave design with the Manchester Wicker Love Seat. With a backing that is weaved with definite height and style and made with A-Grade wicker, this love seat will make your home inviting and versatile.

    With an informal allure, place this love seat on your porch, covered balcony, sun room, or sitting room. Or keep it in the main focus by adding it to the living room or side-kitchen d├ęcor to allow for additional seating and interaction.

    This item is made in our all-popular traditional white and honey finish.

  • Optional Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 53 Wide x 24 Deep x 34 High
  • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 35
  • 10-00007-LS
  • Newport Wicker Loveseat

    Newport Wicker Loveseat

    Natural wicker has the ability to adapt in various environments. With the Newport Wicker Love Seat, you will have comfort and also stability that will allow for years of a great environment.

    Made from our A-Grade wicker, this product is versatile and intimate and allows you to use it in various occasions. Lightweight and accessible, use this type of furniture in anything from the living room to the porch, balcony, covered tents, and backyard events.

    You will pass this down generations with the quality crafting and attention to detail we put in every piece.

    Check the drop down box for finish options and cushions for this piece.

  • Optional Tufted or Solid Foam Seat Cushion
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 53 Wide x 24 Deep x 34 High
  • Approx.Wt. With Cushions (lb.): 35
  • 10-00011-LS