Replacement Cushions for Deep Seating Patio Wicker Sofa

Replacement Cushions for Deep Seating Patio Wicker Sofa

Replacement Cushion Set for Charleston Sofa
Replacement Cushion Set for Charleston Sofa
Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Wicker Sofa
Our Wicker Sofa Cushion Sets Are Made In The USA!

Deep Seating Patio Cushion Set

Offered here is our standard design six-piece sofa replacement cushion set for most patio and indoor wicker furniture that have seat cushions with rounded outside back corners. There are three seating positions, left, center and right. You can choose the thickness of the seat cushions. Standard fiber-filled back cushions are about 5-6 inches thick with the option to make the back cushions tufted. Optional welting (piping or cording) is available for Both the back and seat cushions.

You have the option to choose, no welting, single welting, or double welting as described in the options listed below.

Seat Cushion

Each sofa seat cushion has squared-off front corners and rounded back corners on the outer left and outer right rear. The seat cushion is constructed of solid foam. The foam is covered with a Dacron wrap to improve ware, softness, and appearance. The seat fabric cover is zippered and removable to make it convenient for cleaning.

Back Cushion

Each back cushion is as wide as the seat cushion set you choose and is 6 inches thick with no tufts. Tufting slightly reduces the thickness of the back cushion. You have the option to choose the height of the back cushion as listed below. The back cushion will have a removable zippered cover with casing inserts if not tufted. If tufted, the inner casing can not be used but covers still have zippers. Pure spun polyester fiber is the fill material used for the back cushions. Casings or back covers are generously filled creating a luxurious soft feel. Using inner casings allows you to remove the zippered back cover for cleaning without having to remove loose fiber and deal with residual fiber clinging to the inside of the cover. To order with inner casings, select "No Tufts" in the "Tufts" option.

Fabric Selection

You have the option of choosing our base-priced All-Weather Spun Polyester (SP) fabric or our Premium Sunbrella Acrylic fabric.

All-Weather fabrics are prints and offer a wide selection of patterns. Over time, these fabrics may fade depending on how much they are exposed to the Sun's ultraviolet rays.

The Sunbrella fabric choices are premium fabrics and have different pricing levels. These fabrics have a high resistance to fading and are the choice of the South. Sunbrella guarantees their fabrics from fading for 5 years.

Product Pricing

This product is set up with certain default selections. The price you see before selecting any options is the default price. As you make certain selections, you will see the price change based on those selections.

If you select a base-priced All-Weather fabric, the price will not change. If you select a Sunbrella fabric, you will see the price change according to the pricing level of that fabric.

When Reviewing the Options

When you see a price with a plus (+) sign in front of it, that means when you add that option the total price will increase by that amount. Similarly, when you choose an option with a negative (-) sign, that means the total price will decrease by that amount.

Optional Seat Cushion Size options

  • Size (in.)
    • 3-Seats: 22W x 24D, 3-Backs: 22W
    • 3-Seats: 22.5W x 24D, 3-Backs: 22.5W (Charleston Size)
    • 3-Seats: 23W x 24D, 3-Backs: 23W
    • 3-Seats: 23.5W x 24D, 3-Backs: 23.5W
    • 3-Seats: 22W x 25D, 3-Backs: 22W +15.00
    • 3-Seats: 22.5W x 25D, 3-Backs: 22.5W +15.00/li>
    • 3-Seats: 23W x 25D, 3-Backs: 23W +$15.00
    • 3-Seats: 23.5W x 25D, 3-Backs: 23.5W +$15.00
    • 3-Seats: 22W x 26D, 3-Backs: 22W +$30.00
    • 3-Seats: 22.5W x 26D, 3-Backs: 22.5W +$30.00
    • 3-Seats: 23W x 26D, 3-Backs: 23W +$30.00
    • 3-Seats: 23.5W x 26D, 3-Backs: 23.5W +$30.00
    • 3-Seats: 24W x 26D, 3-Backs: 24W +$30.00
    • 3-Seats: 24.5W x 26D, 3-Backs: 24.5W +$30.00
  • Optional Seat Thickness (in.)
    • 1 Inch Thick Seat -$6.00
    • 2 Inch Thick Seat -$3.00
    • 3 Inch Thick Seat
    • 4 Inch Thick Seat +$22.5.00
    • 5 Inch Thick Seat (Charleston Size)(Default Selection) +$45.00
    • 6 Inch Thick Seat +$67.50
  • Seat Zippers
    • Zippered Seat Cover Included (Pre-Selected for You)
  • Optional Back Cush. Height (in.)
    • 16 -$15.00
    • 17 -$7.50
    • 18
    • 19 +$7.50
    • 20 (Charleston Size)(Default Selection) +$15.00
    • 21 +$22.5
    • 22 +$30.00
  • Optional Back Cushion Shape
    • Arched Top (Charleston Shape)
    • Square Corners on Top
    • Rounded Corners on Top
  • Select Back Cushion Zipper
    • No Zipper - Sewn Closed Back Cover
    • Zippered Back Cover +$15.00
  • Optional Welting
    • No Welting
    • Single Welt Seat & Back +$75.00
    • Boxed w/Double Welt Seat & Single Welt Back +$150.00
    • Boxed w/Double Welt Seat & Back +$225.00
  • Select Tufts/Buttons
    • No Tufts or Buttons
    • 1- Swen Circle Tuft - Centered
    • 2- Sewn Circle Tufts - Across Horizontal +$3.00
    • 4-Sewn Circle Tufts - Diamond Shape +$6.00
    • 4-Sewn Circle Tufts - Square Shape +$6.00
    • 1-Button - Centered +$3.00
    • 2-Buttons - Centered Across Horizontal +$6.00
    • 4-Buttons - Diamond Shape +$12.00
    • 4-Buttons - Square Shape +$12.00
  • Optional Choice of Fabric
    • Selecting All-Weather Fabric Won't Change The Price of The Cushion Set Except for SP fabric numbers ending in the letter A. These fabrics will cost 10 percent more.
    • Selecting Sunbrella Fabric Will Change The Price of The Cushion Set According to the Sunbrella Fabric Price Category. These categories range from 30 to 65 percent more than the base priced product.

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Seat Zippers
Back Cushion Height
Back Cushion Shape
Back Zipper
Back Tufts/Buttons
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Weight 24.00 lbs