Hampton Bay Wicker Clothes Hamper

Hampton Bay Wicker Clothes Hamper

Wicker Hamper

Are you seeking a hamper that looks great and lets your dirty clothes breath rather than be confined in an airless container? Choose a wicker hamper from WickerLiving.com and have a choice of three different sizes and four different colors. The lid easily lifts up for easy access and it has a chain attached to it so that the lid never flips over the hamper. It stands nearly straight up when open so you can add or removed garments.

In addition to using wicker hamper for dirty clothes, hampers are also a great long term storage unit for clean clothes or for loose children's toys. When you need a storage unit that can be placed in small spaces, choose a Hampton Bay wicker clothes hamper. Hampers are available in various sizes or as a set of 3

  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 14.5W x 8.5D x 21.5H (Small)
  • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 7
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 18W x 13D x 24H (Medium)
  • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 10
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 21W x 16D x 28H ( Large)
  • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 15
  • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 21W x 16D x 28H Set of 3: Small, Medium & Large [All the same color]
  • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 32

Note: Sets of 3 can only be ordered in the same color.


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SKU 10-1116-M-H-SS

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