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Indoor Fabric Gallery

Indoor Fabrics (IF Series of Fabrics) are designed to be used for inside or well protected areas. Indoor Fabric material is usually cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester fabric. As such, it needs to be treated as an indoor only fabric. There is a wide selection of Indoor Fabrics from solids to geometric designs. One nice thing about Indoor Fabric is that there are many traditional patterns still available. Its difficult to find traditional fabric designs so, latch on to one of these before its too late.

Indoor Fabric is perfect for use in living rooms and family rooms or anywhere the direct sunlight is not real strong or of long duration. Typical applications include benches, side chairs, sofas, loveseats, chaise lounge chairs, ottomans and throw pillows. Many people choose indoor fabric for rattan furniture, especially swivel rocker cushions. The uses for Indoor Fabric is endless.(Continue Reading)

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Indoor fabric is not meant to be used where it can get wet. Depending on the manufacture, the dies are not the same as the All-Weather fabrics and may bleed or fade more easily. If the fabric gets wet, it can shrink or become misshapen. Although not all Indoor Fabrics can be laundered, it is not recommend that you launder indoor fabrics. Instead, it is recommend that you dry clean them if they need it.

Using Indoor Fabric outdoors is not recommended since it does not stand up to wet and sunlight that well. Cotton is an organic material that spawns the growth of mold and mildew. So, keeping indoor fabric inside, dry and out of the strong sunlight is the right thing to do.

Over the years, All Weather Fabric has replaced the indoor fabrics for most applications because their texture and and abundance of pattern selection are as good or better than indoor fabrics. So, if you see an All Weather Pattern you like, and want to use it indoors, that is perfectly acceptable since there is very little difference in feel, texture and appearance between Indoor and All Weather Fabrics.