Lloyd Flanders Replacment Cushions

Lloyd Flanders Replacment Cushions

Lloyd Flanders Replacment Cushions

Buy original Lloyd Flanders® Replacement Cushions manufactured exclusively by Lloyd Flanders USA right here at Wicker Living. Choose cushions for your new or retired Lloyd Flanders furniture collection. You can order replacement furniture cushions for nearly all of the different Lloyd Flanders collections whether they are a current style like Lloyd Flanders Reflections or older retired collection like Embassy. Below is a comprehensive list of furniture and available cushions associated with and fit that particular furniture. (Continue Reading)

About Lloyd Flanders Replacment Cushions

Scroll down through the list and find the collection you own and click on the collection title. That will open a new window and taking you to the detail page where you can order the cushions you need. Alternatively, go to the Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions Category Page. Scroll though the collections and find the one you need.

Pictures/images of the cushions or furniture are not provided on retired furniture. As long as you know which piece and collection you have, you can be assured your going to get the correct original replacement.

If your not sure what pieces of furniture you have, you can send us pictures of your furniture and we will identify it and let you know what it is. Takes pictures of each piece of furniture. Send your email with attached images to ContactUs@WickerLiving.com. Identifying your collection may take a couple of days so be patient, we will get back to you with the identity of your Lloyd Flnders furniture as soon as it is identified.

All Lloyd Flanders cushions are manufactured by them right here in the USA. You can be sure when you order from us, you are getting the original shape and size cushion for your furniture. They fit your furniture like the originals.

Here is how easy it is to order your new cushions.

  • Go to the replacement cushion page for your furniture collection.
  • Find replacement cushion for the particular piece of furniture
  • Choose the quantity of how many of that cushion cushion or set of cushions for that particular piece of furniture you want
  • Select Sunbrella fabric you want. Choose from A-grade, B-grade, C-grade and D-grade Sunbrella Fabrics
  • Add your selections to the cart.

Don't know what collection of furniture you have? Send us an email to contactus@wickerliving.com with pictures of each piece of furniture you need cushions for. We will get back to you within a few days once we have identified your collection and let you know your options and pricing.