Lloyd Flanders Loom Furniture Finish Gallery

Lloyd Flanders Loom Furniture Finish Gallery

This page contains Lloyd Flanders Loom furniture finishes for all of the Lloyd Flanders Loom furniture products. These finishes do not apply to the Lloyd Woven Vinyl furniture. You can review these same Lloyd Loom finishes in each of the product pages of the Lloyd Loom furniture products by clicking the blue view button next to the finish option on the product page.

Lloyd Loom® These finishes deliver excellent color with a smooth, glossy surface that resists wear and fading. Thanks to the Lloyd Flanders Durium® polyester finishing material – a high-performance paint designed to be both flexible and durable – Lloyd Flanders continues to lead the industry in innovative and stylish all-weather wicker.(Continue Reading)

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Lloyd Loom® furniture is still made in the same facility where this special process was first developed in 1917. Marshall Burns Lloyd created a process by which cellulose strands are woven into a wicker fabric as an alternative to the then popular method of wrapping cane around a frame. Each hand-crafted piece of Lloyd Loom furniture made today uses the same process to create the loom fabric, though we've added advanced technologies over the last quarter century to produce a continuous strand that will not burr, crack, or peel, resulting in a consistently smooth weave.

Lloyd Flanders offers a wide selection of beautiful and durable finishes developed exclusively for Lloyd Loom all-weather wicker. Whether your decor is traditional, transitional or contemporary, our finishes provide a range of choices to enhance any style..

Fully assembled pieces are taken to the Lloyd Flanders paint shop, where each receives two coats of environmentally friendly yet exceptionally tough Durium® paint. This advanced finishing material is a high solid, polyester resin based paint that's as flexible as it is durable, so it coats the furniture beautifully while providing a finish that can withstand summer heat and winter snow.