Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture

Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture

Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture

Lloyd Loom® all-weather wicker furniture is one of the finest hand-crafted wicker furnitures made in the USA today. The Lloyd factory has remained in Menominee Michigan since 1906 where Marshall B. Lloyd first began operation. It is there in 1917 where his unique process for creating fine wicker furniture was first invented. Each piece of loom furniture uses the same process to create the loom fabric. A consistently smooth weave with no peeling, burs or cracks are a result of advanced technologies in the process.(Continue Reading)

About Lloyd Loom Wicker Furniture

As an alternative to the traditional wicker making process where wicker cane was wrapped around wooden frames, Marshall B. Flanders created his own unique process for making wicker. He used cellulose strands to form a woven wicker fabric that is sealed, dried and stored on large spools. Skilled craftsmen so cut and form the fabric around aluminum frames ensuring the fabric design is smooth, straight and tightly secured over the frames. The furniture is trimmed with a wicker braid ensuring a beautifully finished piece with clean edges.

Two coats of environmentally friendly and tough Durium® paint is used after assembly to provide a long lasting durable finish. This overall advanced process allows Lloyd Loom products to withstand the scorching heat and intense ultraviolet light of the summer sun, rain and winter snow.

The fiber used to create Lloyd Loom fabric includes aluminum stakes encased in the loom fiber to enhance stability and durability. 500 Spools of this fiber cord are used to simultaneously weave the Lloyd Loom fabric. Now with advanced technologies, the Loom wicker exhibits nothing less than optimum performance you would expect both indoor and outdoors.

Lloyd Loom furniture is built to order. You choose the style, color finish and select the cushion fabric that meets your desires.

The unique designs of the Lloyd Loom line are sot after for use in the United States and around the world in homes, fine hotels and historic places. Nothing compares to the breathtaking luxurious designs and comfort you experience when you decorate and use Lloyd Loom indoor/outdoor wicker furniture.