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Wicker and Rattan Framed Mirrors

Wicker framed mirrors can transform the décor of a wall or room into a completely new look. Framed wicker mirrors help brighten a room. Mirrors help small rooms like bathrooms appear a little larger than they really are. Use a wicker bathroom mirror above a sink or a bathroom wall. Stylish well placed wicker mirrors can become a real focal point of attention or a great place to take that last look before you leave for the day. Ultimately, framed wicker mirrors are art and should be exhibited, not just hung. Friends family and visitors will appreciate your taste and style when decorating with wicker.


  • Hampton Bay Rectangular Mirror

    Hampton Bay Rectangular Mirror

    Mirrors are used to accent your home’s decor, increase light by reflecting the suns light from a window into a room and to use it to prepare your self for the day.  The smaller mirror can be used for all three situations.  Large enough to get ready in the morning and elegant enough to decorate your home.  Hang this framed mirror to accent your favorite room.

    Get a full view by hanging a large 24x36 in. rectangular mirror above your dresser.  A wicker mirror like this is used commonly in bathrooms and bedrooms where you need to see a lot.  Also a great accent piece where the size of the wicker mirror matters.

    • Large Rectangular Mirror
      • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 24 x 36 Approx. Wt. (lb.): 15
    • Small Rectangular Mirror
      • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 20 x 30 Approx. Wt. (lb.): 10
  • Hampton Bay Oval Mirror

    Hampton Bay Oval Mirror

    Designed to be used in either the vertical or horizontal. This oval mirror can be used as a typical bedroom or bathroom mirror or one in the hallway. Mount it vertically and see more of your self from top to bottom. Mount it horizontally and see more background. Either way, it will look great on your walls.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 18 in. x 28
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 8
    $123.42 save 17%
  • Hampton Bay Arched Mirror

    Hampton Bay Arched Mirror

    When remodeling your bathroom and you need a new wicker bathroom mirror, choose one that sets the mood and accents your decor.  Wicker Living offers new wicker wall mirrors that are hand crafted by true craftsmen.  

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 20 x 30
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 10
    $116.68 save 17%
  • Hampton Bay Round Wicker Mirror

    Hampton Bay Round Wicker Mirror

    Looking for a lot of mirror, well this round Hampton Bay wicker mirror is it.  36in. diameter mirror  designed to be hung on the wall.  Super choice for above a bathroom sink or above a wicker bedroom dresser.  Beautifully woven wicker frame encircling a 29 in. diameter glass mirror. Bathroom mirror, bedroom or living room, this mirror will look fantastic anywhere in your home.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.) 36 Dia.
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 20
    $199.72 save 17%
  • Florentine Mirror

    Florentine Mirror

    The florentine mirror has always been a simple but  attractive mirror design.  The arched top and long twisted weave around the frame make this mirror distinctive compared to most other wicker mirrors.  Works well in a bathroom or bedroom above a dresser.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 26.5 x 37
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 20
    $199.72 save 17%
  • Bombay Mirror

    Bombay Mirror

    Sure to catch your eye, this Bombay wall mirror displays several different wicker crafting designs all in one.  Twisted, pairs, straight lines, and wrapped columns of wicker reed are displayed.  These different techniques are blended together in a very unique way to present one of the most handsome mirrors we offer.  Available only in dark brown finish.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 24 x 37
    • Approx. Wt. (lb.): 20
    $215.90 save 17%