Natural Wicker Furniture Finishes Gallery

Natural Wicker Furniture Finishes Gallery

This page contains swatch images of natural wicker furniture finishes used for various types and brands of natural wicker. Not all of the furniture finishes listed on this page are available for all products. You will need to review the "Finish" menu in the product details of each product to determine which finishes are available for each product.

Natural wicker refers to the product type. Natural meaning it is an organic material, not a a man-made synthetic material. Natural wicker is a woody type product that is porous and absorbs stains and paints. Each finish is applied by hand until the desired color and sheen is achieved. (Continue Reading)

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The white wicker finish is accomplished by applying white paint to the natural wicker. Several coats are applied until the product is completely covered. White wash and antique wash finishes are a special process finishes that require applying paint to the surface then wiping some of the excess paint off leaving part of the natural color of the wicker to show through. Honey finish is also referred to as natural finish. Honey finish products have a clear coat of acrylic sealer applied to the wicker which protects it and allows its natural color to show. Depending on the wicker that is being used, the colors can range from light wheat to brilliant yellows. Other colors such as pecan and brown are stains that are applied to the wicker and wiped down then let to dry after which a clear coat is applied to seal and protect it.

To keep your natural finished wicker products clean an looking good, keep them free of dust. You can do touch-ups if the finish becomes scratched or nicked and the color has been compromised. For stained pieces, white wash and antique wash pieces, find a similar matching finish from the hardware or paint store and wipe it on the bad spot with a brush or rag. Let it sit for a while to allow it to sink in then wipe dry. Continue until a color match is achieved. Bright White acrylic/enamel paint can be applied to furniture that is painted bright white. Use a spray or hand paint. Hand painting is best when fixing small nicks and scratches.