Olefin Fabric Gallery

Olefin Fabric Gallery

Olefin Fabric is a lightweight but very durable synthetic cushion fabric. In addition to its strength, Olefin is resilient in retaining its shape in the event it gets wrinkled. Olefin Fabric has good abrasion resistance and does not soil or stain easily which makes it perfect for furniture cushions and pillows.

Rain or wet does not bother Olefin Fabric, it dries quickly and resists mold and mildew. Keeping your cushions clean from organic materials that can attach themselves to the fabric will ensure that no mold or mildew forms when used outdoors. (Continue Reading)

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Normally Olefin in its natural state would not stand up very well to sunlight. However, in today’s processes, additives put in during the manufacturing improve and lengthen its life when exposed to the sun. Recognizing that limiting sunlight can help you keep your cushions much longer, by covering your furniture and storing your cushions inside when not being used for along time is essential to extending their useful life.

Due to it having low static electricity issues make it a perfect fabric to use in offices and places where static charges can normally be high like carpeted areas.

Olefin Fabric is color fast and will not bleed if it gets wet. In fact, it can be easily cleaned using warm soap and water then rinsed off and left to dry. It is not recommend that Olefin Fabric be dry cleaned. The chemical in the dry cleaning process may possibly affect the yarn with possible swelling.

On an environmental note, Olefin is manufactured with very few byproducts or residue. Materials can be recycled. Olefin is solution dyed so environmental problems due to dyes don’t exist.