Order Fabric Swatches

Order Fabric Swatches

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Select fabrics and order fabric swatches right here from our website.  To ensure the fabric colors are exactly what you want, order and have them sent directly to your home for review.  

Wicker Living offers an exclusive economical and easy way to obtain swatches.  Our swatch service provides you with the ability to order selected swatches and have them sent right to your door.   View them, feel them and use them to finalize your decision.   Wicker Living provides large swatches that allow you to get a good sense of the patten and fabric colors you are requesting.

Review the fabrics from our fabric gallery or use the view button next to the fabric option to view the choices.  Remember the number and then choose it from the drop down option window. For example.  If you want to add All-Weather Fabric AW-3497 to your order, just click on the drop down menu and scroll down to AWF-3497 and choose it. Thats it.  Pick up to 4 swatches per order.

A returnable $40 deposit is required for each swatch order and $10 mailing fee that handles the round trip USPS Priority shipping.

Order Lloyd Flanders product swatches from the Lloyd Flanders swatch page.

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