Outdoor Resin Wicker Planters

What better way to decorate your patio than to include wicker planters showing your favorite live flowering plants along with your patio furniture. Resin wicker planters provide are one of the best sources for outdoor planters available. With all−weather frames and resin, these wicker planter boxes hold up to all weather conditions including resistance to ultraviolet light that damages other less desirable resins. These wicker outdoor resin planters can be use for flowers, herbs, vegetable plants an more. Resin wicker furniture can be used for indoors as well as outside. Decorate your sunroom, patio or porch using wicker planter boxes to display an wide array of flowers or use as a raised garden planter.

You can use an outdoor wicker planter or fernery with your existing furniture sets. They don't just have to be matched up with other wicker, they can be used with other types of outdoor furniture. Used extensively in outdoor design, planters made of resin wicker have long been the choice of decorators.


Globe Wicker Plant Stand

Globe Wicker Plant Stand

Resin Wicker Globe Shaped Plant Stand



Resin Planter  Fernery

Resin Planter Fernery

All-Weather Planter Fernery