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(How do I know if I need an outdoor sectionals furniture?)
(Are outdoor sectionals or patio couches limited to being used only outdoors?)
(When do I need to invest in outdoor patio furniture for my yard?)
(How do I create the perfect outdoor oasis with a sectional sofa?)
(Can I upgrade my yard with other stylish outdoor sectional furniture?)
(Can you help me select the perfect outdoor patio furniture combo?)
(Do you offer modern outdoor sectionals – think statement pieces that visually look like art?)
(Do I need accessories for my outdoor sectional?)
(What materials are outdoor sectionals made from?)

More About Outdoor Sectionals Furniture

Whether living in a bustling city or escaping to a remote getaway, our modular design is adaptable to any lifestyle. The lightweight yet sturdy wicker construction is built to last, and sustainably sourced fabric cushions make maintenance a breeze.

No matter what the weather brings, these beauties can handle anything. With plenty of seating options, our outdoor sectional sofa sets are ideal for creating a welcoming environment for friends, family, and furry loved ones. Upgrade your outdoor patio furniture with Wicker Living today!

How do I know if I need an outdoor sectionals?

Suppose you want the ultimate combo of comfort and style for your outdoor living spaces. In that case, these outdoor sectional patio furniture options belong in your cart! These handcrafted pieces were designed with lifestyle and comfort at the forefront, ensuring they cater to your current and future needs.

Not only are they modular, allowing you to create the arrangement that suits you best easily, but they’re also created with durable loom wicker or modern synthetic vinyl resin, making them sturdy and able to handle the wear and tear of outdoor life. Paired with visually appealing cushions resistant to fading, staining, and mildew, you can relax without worrying about the elements ruining your furniture.

Whether you’re a summer or winter person, these sofa sets will provide the ideal spot for lounging, entertaining, and enjoying life outdoors. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Wicker Living outdoor sectional sofa now and make the most out of your outdoor seasons.

Are outdoor sectionals or patio couches limited to being used only outdoors?

These high-quality patio couches and sectionals are terrific indoors as well as outdoors. If you want to upgrade your summer gatherings with the perfect seating arrangement, these chic and functional sectional patio furniture options can make your outdoor gathering space pop with charisma and comfort.

Suppose you want to spruce up your four-season room so you can enjoy a cozy, comfy night with those you enjoy in your life. In that case, these customizable seating arrangements help create the living space of your dreams.

When do I need to invest in outdoor patio furniture for my yard?

Our outdoor patio furniture options are not only stylish, but they are also an excellent investment in making your house luxurious, cozy, and functional. Whether you’re throwing a backyard barbecue, having a relaxed chat under the stars, or wish to create an indoor living space with customizable pieces, these outdoor sectional couches and other pieces will fit any occasion.

Even if you’re working with a tiny space, we’ve got you covered with our small outdoor sectionals featuring high-quality Sunbrella fabric cushions that can fit perfectly on apartment balconies.

How do I create the perfect outdoor oasis with a sectional sofa?

When creating the perfect outdoor oasis, it’s essential to consider the type of seating you want. Start by envisioning how you will want to use the outdoor furniture – like creating the ultimate backyard bash environment or having an intimate space for casual gatherings with family and friends.

Upgrading your outdoor sectional furniture, whether on your patio, yard, or four-season room, must feature your style and personality as it extends who you are. Suppose you wish for the flexibility to shift the furniture in multiple layouts. In that case, it is ideal to consider the modular design options when selecting the perfect configuration to suit your specific entertaining needs.

Whether you’re looking to fill a large area with a sprawling “L”  or “U” shaped outdoor sectional sofa or need something compact to fit on a tiny apartment balcony, there’s an outdoor sectional that will work for your needs and perfect outdoor oasis vision.

Can I upgrade my existing outdoor space with stylish outdoor sectional furniture?

The answer is yes! Transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis perfect for hosting friends and family while lounging in the utmost comfort and sophistication has never been easier.

Whether you seek a matching ottoman, a chic coffee table, cozy armchairs, a trendy canopy, or an entire collection complete with everything you could ever want for your outdoor living spaces, Wicker Living has you covered. If you are ready to make the most of your summer evenings and create a comfortable, inviting environment for you and your guests, be sure to shop all the different outdoor options we provide.

Can you help me select the perfect outdoor patio furniture combo?

We pride ourselves on learning about you, your living spaces, and your outdoor sectional needs. You are welcome to call us at 1-610-991-0110 for a one-on-one conversation where we can guide you through the variety of stylish sectional options we offer.

You can review the offerings above if you know your color scheme and want a two, three, or four-piece set. With each purchase, we aim for you to experience ultimate comfort so you can relax and enjoy your indoor or outdoor living spaces.

Do you offer modern outdoor sectionals that make a statement?

Sleek, low outdoor sectional furniture is the perfect touch for any contemporary person looking for a luxurious piece or set to lounge on. This type of outdoor sectional sofa, chair, or piece will deliver clean lines with a pop of culture to match your modern style.  All the furniture listed in this category offer a statement.

If you are ready to soak up the sun while looking cool, shop these modern outdoor sectional couches!

Do I need accessories for my outdoor sectional?

Regarding outdoor sectionals and other wicker furniture, you can buy the bare minimum or accessorize your space with outdoor tables, firepits, and more to elevate your outdoor experience. Many people like to add a large coffee table to their sectional layout. We are just one contact away if you need help designing your dream indoor or outdoor living spaces.

What materials are outdoor sectionals made from?

Our selection of outdoor sectionals boasts only the finest materials, from all-weather Lloyd Loom wicker to modern hand-woven synthetic vinyl resin. You can enjoy your outdoor space year after year with furniture created with sturdy aluminum frames and cushions with UV-resistant Sunbrella fabric. All outdoor sectional cushions resist fading, mildew, and moisture, so your outdoor sectional pieces will be sitting pretty, no matter what the weather brings.

How many pieces are there typically included in an outdoor sectional set?

Typically people use between 4 and 8 sectional pieces and some singles to form their set. This can vary for many different reasons. The three most popular reasons for the number of pieces selected are the area available, reason for use and cost.

Each Lloyd Flanders resin or Lloyd Loom outdoor sectional furniture has a designer chair, sofa, or couch and snug, aesthetically pleasing cushions to complement each piece. These outdoor patio furniture options are known for being super comfy, allowing you to relax and enjoy your outdoors again and again.

Ready to create an atmosphere that matches your personality? If so, shop all the outdoor sectional options listed above. Also, remember to add the wedge table sectional to your order to keep your beverage close by!

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