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Product & Warranty Information

When you need a little more information and don’t know where to look, this page might just be the answer.  This page contains important information about our products, materials, the manufacturing processes and product warranty.

About Our Products

Wicker Living, LLC sells Lloyd Flanders products and its own cushion products. 

Lloyd Flanders manufactures its critically acclaimed Lloyd Loom Wicker and imports its Vinyl Wicker and manufactures cushions specifically for its own products.  Wicker Living, LLC manufactures custom-made furniture cushions for any products

Since 1917, Lloyd Flanders has been crafting loom wicker furniture.  In 1982 the process was changed to enable the furniture to be used outdoors.  The Lloyd Loom wicker process is unique and incredibly elegant indoor/outdoor furniture.  There are many styles from vintage to contemporary to choose from.  You get to select from 20 custom finishes so you can match your decor.

In addition to their their custom made Lloyd Loom wicker furniture, Lloyd Flanders offers hand woven resin wicker furniture they refer to as Vinyl Wicker.  This resin wicker is the highest grade of resin called high density polyethylene (HDPE) that can be used to make wicker furniture.  Its imported into the United States from overseas.

Teak wood furniture compliments most patio furniture.  Teak furniture is the universal furniture that fills the gap that exists when having a combination of wicker and wood is desired.  Teak can be used with all wicker collections for tables, dining tables and chairs in lieu of other wicker products. Our teak is FSC-certified and sustainable sourced and is superior to other forms of teak.

Get the best fit most comfortable replacement cushions from Wicker Living, LLC. Our cushions are Made In The USA!   We make cushions to fit your furniture the way you want them to fit, feel and look.  Choose from standard designs listed on the website or Contact Us and arrange to have us review your cushion needs and supply you a quote. 

Wicker Living, LLC offers custom made deep seating replacement cushions for your indoor and outdoor patio furniture.  For most patio furniture, you will be able to find the sizes and shapes of cushion sets you need in our standard sized cushion sets offered.  If our stand sizes are not compatible with your furniture, you just need to contact us and let us know what you need.  We will work with you and provide a quote for your specific need.

Tufted cushions offer the most economical choice for replacing furniture cushions.  Tufted cushions are filled with spun polyester and provide very good cushioning with a tufted character.  Unlike flat solid foam cushions, tufted cushion with sewn circle tufts or buttons, can provide a very adequate solution without breaking the bank.

Your finest furniture uses solid foam seat cushions.  Solid foam seat cushions offer superior support when comfort and relaxation is what your are looking to achieve.  Outdoor foam seat cushions are used on wicker, rattan, metal and teak furniture.  They provide and hold an elegant look for a very long time. 

Caring For Your Furniture

Keep your high quality Lloyd Flanders outdoor patio furniture & cushions looking brand new with these expert tips!

Taking care of your outdoor furniture isn’t just about looks – it’s also an investment in long-lasting quality. The Wicker Living blog has plenty of tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of this important asset. Dive into our posts below for all the inside knowledge on how to properly maintain and clean your outdoor patio furniture collection pieces!

Your patio furniture is an important part of your outdoor living space, and caring for it should be a priority.
If you are not finding what you need to keep your favorite pieces looking their best, feel free to contact us or view our blog.

Warranty Information

Lloyd Flanders Products & Wicker Living, LLC Custom Cushions Warranty

Lloyd Flanders & Wicker Living, LLC offers a Satisfaction, Well Supported Warranty.

Since 1983, Lloyd Flanders has created a reputation for excellent products and customer satisfaction. Lloyd Flanders will work with their retail partners to ensure you the highest customer satisfaction and support. The Lloyd Flanders warranty is extended through their retail partners. Since 2007, Wicker Living, LLC has created a reputation for excellent products and superior customer service. Wicker Living, LLC is a retail partner of Lloyd Flanders, selling Lloyd Flanders products and services. In addition, Wicker Living, LLC offers its own custom-made cushions. Wicker Living, LLC offers the same quality warranty on its custom cushions that Lloyd Flanders offers for their cushions.

This Warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials of your Lloyd Flanders products or Wicker Living, LLC custom-made cushions for the original owner.
  • Frames and finishes are warranted for three years.
  • Fabric and cushions are warranted for one year.
  • Stone tops are warranted for one year.
Note: All Warranty coverage begins with the original retail purchase date.

Proper product maintenance is required to support the benefits of this Warranty. This includes but is not limited to the owner’s annual inspection of the frames and touch-up of any minor damage to the product. This warranty is voided if there are indications of abuse or neglect of the furniture.

For service under this Lloyd Flanders Warranty, contact your Lloyd Flanders retailer from which you purchased the product. For services under the Wicker Living, LLC Custom Cushions Warranty, contact Wicker Living, LLC. You will. be required to show a proof of purchase receipt, including the date of purchase. You may also be requested to provide photographs of the product to submit to Lloyd Flanders or Wicker Living, LLC for a claim.

Wicker Living, LLC and/or Lloyd Flanders will review your warranty claim and determine the most appropriate corrective action. Wicker Living, LLC and/or Lloyd Flanders will repair, replace or take corrective action for any part of the product or the entire product at our sole discretion if it is determined to be defective in material or workmanship. Repair or replacement will be at no charge to the customer.
Lloyd Flanders or Wicker Living, LLC will pay freight to and from the factory for warranty claims. A representative from Lloyd Flanders or Wicker Living, LLC may visit to inspect the defective product as part of the review process.

This Warranty Applies to:
This warranty applies only to residential use of the products. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. All other warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly disclaimed. This warranty is effective on products purchased at retail after September 1, 2014.

Lloyd Flanders Videos

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About Lloyd Flanders

Follow Dudley Flanders through the processes and historic changes that has made Lloyd Flanders loom wicker furniture the best  wicker furniture, and its made in the USA.

Hand Painted Craftsmanship

Finish painting is a process that make the Lloyd Loom furniture stand out as compared to other brands.  A special paint and special process followed by baking in an over make this furniture the right choice.

Elements Collection

Enjoy a casual walkthrough of the Lloyd Flanders Element loom wicker collection.  Elements includes stand alone and sectional arrangements.

How It's Made
Woven For Life

Step through the processes of manufacturing Lloyd Loom Wicker patio furniture.  Metal bending, welding, weaving, covering, stapling, painting, sewing, cushioning and shipping.

2021 New Product Review

Get a taste of the latest selections added to the Lloyd Flanders line of patio furniture.  See the new: Essence, Fairview, Visions, and Elevation collections.

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About Custom Made Cushions

Custom made cushions 

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Shop furniture collections or individual pieces by category and custom-made cushions to perfectly fit your furniture.

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