Rattan Furniture Finishes Gallery

Rattan Furniture Finishes Gallery

This page contains rattan furniture finishes for various types and brands of rattan furniture. Not all furniture listed on this website is available with all finishes listed on this page. Therefore, you will need to review the "Finish" menu in the product details of each product to determine which finishes are available for each rattan product.

Rattan is an organic woody material that comes from the rattan vine. The vines are harvested and cut into pole-like lengths to dry and be formed into furniture. Rattan takes on stains and can be painted. We offer pecan stained rattan and some painted products. Finish stains help keep consistency in the color of the product when a natural looking finish is desired. Some rattan products are painted and available in white and white wash.(Continue Reading)

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When the rattan is stained, an acrylic clear top coat is added to ensure the rattan is sealed and resists marking. Rattan finishes are almost always very smooth. The rattan is light weight but very strong. Therefore, it is a perfect material to make into furniture. It makes it easier to move, rearrange and clean around your home.

Unless you live in an area with little or no rainfall or low humidity, you will want to keep your rattan furniture inside. Leaving it outside can ruin the finish and may cause the joints and wrappings to become lose and weak. The finish is not meant for outdoor direct sunlight. Leaving a piece of rattan furniture outside for long periods of time may cause fading and deterioration of the acrylic finish.