Replacement Cushions

Replacement Cushions

Replacement Cushions

Replacement Cushions For Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Replacement cushions are an absolute necessity for many types of furniture. Cushions can get worn or damaged, especially in high use areas. In this section you will find custom made furniture replacement cushions and pillows for indoor and outdoor furniture that are made right here in the USA. Our replacement cushions, including wicker replacement cushions, are designed to meet strict quality standards or you can special order cushions to meet your own requirements. We offer standard size cushions will fit many types of furniture.

When you can use our standard design cushions, you save money. All cushions and pillows are custom made from your choice from hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabrics including solids, stripes and patterns.(Continue Reading)

About Replacement Cushions

Indoor Replacement Cushions & Pillows

We make rattan and wicker replacement cushions for indoor furniture to replace cushions that have worn out. One of our specialties are rattan swivel rocker cushions. People love how thick and luxurious ours are. For indoor, we offer new cushions fabricated using indoor or all-weather fabric. Your hardest decision will be choosing form the hundreds of available fabrics.

Replacement Patio Cushions & Pillows

Wicker Living offers the highest quality outdoor replacement patio cushions & pillows. Use them inside or on your patio and porch furniture. We make all types of replacement cushions to fit all kinds of furniture including chair cushions, rocker cushions, and more. Replacement patio cushions extend the life and use of your furniture and make them look new again. Replacement cushions save you in the long run because you don't have to replace good furniture frames.

Huge Selection of Replacement Cushion & Pillow Fabrics

Browse our huge Fabric Gallery with a wide selection of quality fabric all-weather spun polyester fabric, olefin fabric or Sunbrella® for your next set of cushions.

If your project needs special attention, you have come to the right place. You can buy our standard template cushions or you can specify what type of cushions you want us to make for you. We make custom cushions for everything from toss pillows to tufted wicker cushions all the way up to and including deep seating rattan furniture and outdoor deep seating cushions.

No cushion order is too small or too large. You will get personalized service when you work with us.

Wicker Living makes custom cushions and pillows for every order received. Our replacement cushions are made in the USA from scratch by skilled craftsmen. You choose the cushion style and fabric and we do the rest.

Indoor Outdoor Cushions

Our indoor cushions and outdoor replacement patio cushions are essentially manufactured in the same way except for one slight difference. Indoor cushions use indoor fabric or all-weather fabric and outdoor cushions use all-weather fabric or premium Sunbrella® fabric. Otherwise both our indoor and outdoor cushions use pure spun polyester fibre as the fill stuffing material for tufted cushions and for the backs of deep seating cushions. For deep seating seat cushions, solid foam is used.

Furniture Cushion Product Features

Wicker Living's selection of deluxe hand crafted cushions for our natural wicker and rattan products and outdoor wicker patio furniture exceed most of our customer's expectations. If you need to select indoor or outdoor patio cushions for your new purchase or, replacement wicker furniture cushions for those old worn out furniture cushions, we offer three basic types of indoor and outdoor cushions to choose from:

  1. Tufted cushions for back and seat applications
  2. Pillow style back cushions and thick solid foam seat cushions for deep seating applications
  3. Foam seat cushions for any seating application

Tufted Indoor and Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions.

We offer tufted patio cushions for all non-deep seating applications as our standard. Tufted cushions are stuffed full with pure spun polyester. Tufts without buttons are sewn into the cushion. Tufts provide that puffy shape and hold the poly-fill in place. Typically these cushion covers do not have a zipper. However, zippers can be added for an additional charge. Tufted patio furniture cushions will fit many different furniture styles and sizes and are very comfortable. Tufted cushions provide excellent softness and style. There is no noticeable mismatch between the cushion and the product shape. Our tufted cushions fit many variations of furniture seat and back shapes and furniture styles. They always look good because they are puffy and fill the space.

We have listed many of our main selections and sizes of tufted cushion for you to choose from. Our tufted cushion are constructed using quality polyester fill which allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. Many popular outdoor seating groups use tufted seat cushions and do not use back cushions. For chairs, settees and sofas, tufted seat cushions have rounded back corners. You can choose how many tufts you want when ordering.

Tufted wicker cushions are designed to fit most common types of wicker and rattan furniture as well as other types of patio furniture. Wicker chair cushions and love seat cushions are typical shapes and sizes for most patio furniture. The front of the cushions are straight across with squared-off front corners. The back corners are rounded-off.

A tufted cushion is one that is made using a filler rather than a solid foam. Tufting is the name given to the process of sewing small circles between the top and bottom fabric covers securing the two layers of the cushion then filling the cushion with a fiber. These small sewn circles are called tufts. The purpose of the tuft is to hold the fiber fill from moving around inside the cushion over. Tufting a cushion in this way keeps the material inside the cushion from getting lumpy or uneven. Usually, the fewer tufts you have in a cushion, the softer and thicker the cushion. Similarly, the more tufts in a cushion, the more firm the cushion. Density of the filler also plays a part in the firmness as well. Typically, cushions with more tufts hold their shape better than cushions that have fewer tufts. Cushions covers are crafted into the desired shape having one sewn seam around the circumference of the cushion. A small section of the seam is left open in the back for the fill to be added. After the the fill is added, the cushion is sewn closed.

Deep Seating Cushion Sets

Wicker Living offers several different sizes and styles of deep seating cushion sets. These sets are designed to fit some of our popular furniture. However, they fit many other furniture sets on the market, not just wicker and rattan sets. Our deep seating cushion sets are constructed using high density foam for the seat cushions and thick poly-filled back cushions. Variations of the shape of the deep cushion sets are available. Some typical seat cushions for wicker furniture or rattan furniture are rectangular with squared off corners in the front and back. Other seat cushions have rounded-off corners in the back and squared-off corners in the front of the seat cushion. Our standard back cushions are usually filled pillow style back cushions without any tufts. However, we can add tufts at your request. Piping and removable back cushions are standard on some sets sold on our website store and optional for all special orders.

Piping (Welting)

For deep seating cushions, our standard piping (cording) design is to use one single bead of face piping on the front edge of the foam seat cushion and a single bead along the seam of the back cushions. Single piping design is the most economical way to add piping to your cushions and it looks great. For cushions shaped like a rectangle that have 6 panels, double piping can be applied. Some people like double piping which is a line of piping along the entire top seam edge and the bottom seam edge of the seat cushion and similarly for the back cushion. Double piping adds additional time and effort to the manufacturing process mainly because the over all cushion construction is more complicated and therefore slightly increases the price. Our standard design cushions used throughout our website is single piping. Only when you special order a cushions will you have to specify that you want single or double piping at the time of placing the order. If you order one of our standard sets that includes piping in the description, you will get single piping. Separate piping pricing applies for special orders.

Pillow Style Back Cushions for Deep Seating Applications

We offer pillow style back cushions for our deep seating applications. Pillow style back cushions are filled with pure spun polyester. The cushions are filled to obtain the most desirable comfortable level for a back cushion. When ever you order a set of deep seating cushions form our website, they will include removable seat and back cushion covers with zippers. However, if you place a special order, you would have to specify that you want removable back covers with zippers.

Foam Seat Cushions for Deep Seating Applications

For deep seating furniture, we offer luxurious 6 inch. foam seat cushions. Deep seating cushions are generally very specific and will likely need to be special ordered unless our standard sizes will fit your furniture. We use a high density furniture grade foam with a Dacron wrap. The Dacron wrap provides long lasting durability to the foam and fabric cover and provides additional comfort. The seat cushion cover has a zipper so that it can be removed.

All of our cushions are handcrafted in the USA from your choice from hundreds of available indoor, outdoor all weather fabric or Sunbrella fabrics.

Special Orders Welcome

If you need special attention, you can special order replacement cushions for your existing indoor or outdoor wicker furniture if the standard sizes we offer on our website are not adequate. Many standard cushion sizes are already available in the selections listed above. Select a new or replacement outdoor cushion, chair cushion, rocking chair cushion, love-seat cushion, patio cushion, seat cushion or back cushion for your natural wicker furniture, rattan furniture or outdoor all weather patio furniture.

See our Special Orders Page when our standard offer cushions don't fit your furniture needs.

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