Resin Wicker Furniture Finishes Gallery

Resin Wicker Furniture Finishes Gallery

This page contains resin wicker furniture finishes for various types and brands of wicker furniture. Not all furniture listed on this website are available in all of the finishes shown here. You will need to review the "Finish" menu in the product details of each product to determine which finishes are available for each product.

Resin wicker is unique in that the color of the finish is not on the surface of the wicker reed but is inside the reed. Resin wicker is a solution dyed product meaning that during the manufacturing process coloring agents are added to the resin giving it its characteristic color. (Continue Reading)

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Wicker Resin is a remarkable material with unique characteristics and properties that make it perfect for the use as patio furniture. Resin is a man-made product. Only special resins are deemed appropriate for outdoor furniture. In order to make a resin useful for outdoor use, you need to start with the right kind of resin. Then, the resin needs to have ultra violet (UV) light inhibitors mixed into it as it is being made in order to ensure that the suns powerful rays do not degrade the resin. The UV inhibitors help keep the resin strong, flexible and keep the color from fading. Not all resins are equal and some do not perform as you might like when used outdoor. All of the furniture supplied by Wicker Living are made using a high grade resin. Therefore, you can be assured that you are buying quality wicker furniture when you shop at Wicker Living.

The resin itself is a water proof material that is not bothered by moisture or rain. It retains its flexibility and strength through normal outdoor conditions and temperatures. Resin wicker is easy to maintain and requires little or no maintenance. You don't need to apply any coatings or chemical to protect it. Keep your wicker clean by washing it off form time to time with a garden hose and let it dry before using it. Use mild dish soap and a cotton rag or soft bristled brush to remove grime then rinse with clean water.