All Weather Fabric Gallery

All Weather Fabric Gallery

All-Weather Spun Polyester (SP) Fabric is the perfect economical choice for wicker furniture cushions. All-weather fabric is used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This fabric is made by printing images with colored inks on a white spun polyester fabric using a silk-screen printing process.

The name All-Weather is a marketing term designed to help customers understand the various uses of the indoor/outdoor fabric. Spun Polyester fabric is a very durable product and is totally resistant to water, mold and mildew. Mold and mildew will not grow on polyester like it would with organic fabrics like cotton. Please recognize however that, it can grow on dirt and pollen so you need to keep your cushions free from these organic substances. (Continue Reading)

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Spun polyester fabric has one of the largest selections of patterns of any cushion fabric available because any pattern or color can be printed on the Spun Polyester Fabric base. Artists can design any picture or pattern with any color and have it made into Spun Polyester Fabric. As compared to other types of fabrics where patterns have to be woven into the fabric, that makes Spun Polyester Fabrics more economical with a better selection of patterns.

Spun Polyester Fabric is used to make any kind of cushions or pillows for indoor or outdoor furniture. The fabric wears very well and holds up to the outdoor elements quite well. Very slowly over time, the inks will fade a bit when exposed for long periods to ultraviolet sunlight. To protect against fading, keep them protected from the direct sun when they are not being used. Either cover your outdoor furniture and cushions with furniture covers or move your cushions and pillows inside out of the sun when they are not being used.

For most people, Spun Polyester Fabrics are economical and provide the largest selection of patterns when compared to all other outdoor fabrics. Many patterns have companion fabrics that can be used to complement each other. For instance, you can choose a pattern for a chair seat and a solid for a throw pillow.

Fabrics are 54 inches wide on the bolt. Repeat of patterns differ between selections.