Special Order Cushions

Special Order Cushions

Provide Cushion Specifications and Receive a Quote

Special order cushions to fit your furniture.  When our standard offer cushions don't fit your furniture, you need to make arrangements with us to make you cushions that will fit your furniture and requirements.

When our standard size and style cushions won't satisfy your requirements, we can make cushions to fit your furniture from your specifications.

To receive a quote for custom wicker cushion orders, simply complete our Contact Us form or call us at 610-991-0110 and specify your needs. A customer service representative will assist you with your request. To ensure that we provide the best price, and that we are providing an accurate quote for your design requirements, we may contact you by email or telephone to discuss any issues or details that we need to be 100% clear on before providing a quote.

If you call us, we will request the information we need from you. If you write us from the contact us form link above, please consider the following information that we may need to compete your request.

  • Try to be clear and simple in your description
  • Specify the width, depth, and thickness of a seat cushion
  • Specify the width, height, and thickness of a back cushion
  • Specify whether you are interested in a solid foam or tufted cushion
  • Describe to the best of your ability the shape of the cushions
  • If it is a foam cushion, identify if you want welting (piping)
  • If you want piping, specify if you want single or double piping
  • Specify if you want sewn closed or zippered covers with casings for deep seating back cushions
  • If it is a tufted cushion, identify the number of tufts for each cushion
  • If it is a deep seating back cushion, specify if you want it pillow style or with tufts and the number of tufts.
  • Identify the fabric type for each cushion
  • For complicated designs, a paper template may be required in order to finalize quote and to make the cushion.
  • If possible, supply a digital photograph of the cushions that you want to replace on the furniture frame and the furniture frame without the cushions on it. (This is not a requirement. But it may help in certain circumstances.) Send to CustomerService@WickerLiving.com or use our Contact Us link and fill out the form with the information.
  • If your tired of reviewing this list, call us at 610-991-0110