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Wicker Storage Trunks

Small and Large wicker storage trunks are wonderful pieces of furniture to store all types of things. Wicker trunks have traditionally been used in bedrooms to store clothes, towels and blankets. Today's designs can be used as a table top or a storage unit or both. Moms and kids love to use them as a place to store toys. An optional glass top provides the perfect solution to storage and table top functionality. Some of our wicker storage chests have a two way opening. This means you can open the trunk from the top or from the side. Its a wonderful concept and allows you more flexibility for this universal storage unit. So, if you have things stored on top of the trunk lid, you can still access what is inside using the side doors. Optional glass tops are available for our wicker trunks if you want to use them like a coffee table. Trunks are wood lined.


  • Bombay Wicker Trunk

    Bombay Wicker Trunk

    A trunk with an Eastern flair design that captures your heart when you see it.  This wicker storage trunk opens from the top and is only available in dark brown finish.  This unique chest can be used to store blankets, toys or anything else you heart desires.  It can be used as a coffee table if you order the the optional glass top.  

    Choose from the following:

    • Medium Size Trunk (in.): 38 x 22 x 22
    • Large Size Trunk (in.): 30 x 15 x 15
    • Set of Two Trunks (1- Medium and 1 Large Both The Same Color)


    • Medium Trunk Approx. Wt. (lb): 20
    • Large Trunk Approx. Wt. (lb): 30
    • Set of Two Trunks Wt. (lb.): 50



  • Hampton Bay Wicker Trunk

    Hampton Bay Wicker Trunk

    Uniquely designed two way natural wicker storage trunks with multiple finish choices.  Available in two sizes.  Open from the top or open from the side to access or store your things.  Store toys. bedding, books, magazines and a whole lot more.  You can use this trunk as a coffee table.  Just order the optional glass top to make sure you have a level surface to place you wine glass on.  Along with its artistic design, it comes with distinctive ball feet.

    Choose from the following:

    • Medium Size Trunk (in.): 36 x 20 x 20 
    • Large Size Trunk (in.): 32 x 16 x 16
    • Set of Two Trunks: (1- Medium and 1 Large Both The Same Color)


    • Medium Trunk Approx. Wt. (lb): 17
    • Large Trunk Approx. Wt. (lb): 20
    • Set of Two Trunks Wt. (lb.): 37