Sunbrella Fabric Gallery

Sunbrella Fabric Gallery

Sunbrella fabric is one of the best and most adaptable fabrics you can buy to use for your outdoor patio furniture, Sunroom, living room or bedroom. The reasons are many. Sunbrella Fabric is made from a solution dyed yarn that is completely color fast and environmentally friendly. The colors are in the yarn, not printed on top using inks like all weather and indoor fabrics. Its a synthetic which means water or moisture will not affect its performance or longevity.

Sunbrella Fabric is notorious for its durability and non-fading characteristics. The nature of the Sunbrella yarn is such that it resists scratching and rubbing and best of all, it retains its color when exposed to strong sunlight without fading. If you live in the sunbelt of Florida, Georgia & South Carolina or any other sunny area, this is the only fabric you should be using if your cushions are exposed to sunlight. (Continue Reading)

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Unlike printed fabrics, Sunbrella Fabric has the color in the yarn so in order to make a pattern, it must be woven into the fabric. And what great patterns they have. Sunbrella does a fantastic job of supplying beautiful patterns, solids and strips in a variety of textures. They are constantly offering new innovative attractive fabrics every year.

Sunbrella fabric is easy to maintain and clean. Keep your Sunbrella fabric free from loose dirt by using a soft bristled brush to remove the dirt before it gets ground in. Light cleaning may be accomplished with a mild detergent, sponge and soft brush. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and allow to dry. Stubborn stains can be removed with a chlorine bleach and water solution. Read, download or print the Sunbrella care and cleaning guide for more details and in-depth information.

Sunbrella upholstery fabric has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are certified by GREENGUARD as contributing to healthy indoor air by being a very low emitting interior product.