Tufted Seat Outdoor Chair Cushion

Tufted Seat Outdoor Chair Cushion

Tufted Wicker Chair Cushion

Our Tufted Outdoor Chair Cushions Are Made In USA!

Indoor and patio furniture Tufted Seat Outdoor Chair Cushion for conventional shaped chair and rocking chair furniture with rounded back corners. Often referred to as a wicker chair cushion. Replacement cushions are available in various sizes. Order cushions from you choice of fabric. Optionality available are the number of tufts you want in the cushions and adding ties. Patio chair cushions are generously filled with pure spun polyester fiber for ultimate comfort.

Note: The more tufts in a tufted cushion, the thinner it gets and the more firm it becomes.

Required options you must choose from include:

  • Size (in.)
    • 16 x 16 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 17 x 17 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 18 x 18 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 19 x 19 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 20 x 20 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 21 x 21 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 22 x 22 Tufted Chair Cushion
    • 23 x 23 Tufted Chair Cushion
  • Number of Tufts: 1-Tuft or 4 Tufts
  • Choice of Fabric: Choose only 1-Fabric. Choose “No Thanks” for all other fabric types.
  • Quantity

Options you are not required to choose from:

  • Number of Ties and Placement: Ties help keep a cushion stationary but are not needed for most indoor and patio chairs with arms or sides. Should you want ties, this is where you can specify how many ties you want and where you want them placed on the cushion.

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Size (in.)
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