Tufted Chaise Lounge Cushion Set

Tufted Chaise Lounge Cushion Set

Tufted Chaise Lounge Cushion Set

Our Deluxe Chaise Lounge Cushion Sets Are Made In The USA!

This chaise lounge cushion set is typically used for a stationary chaise lounge chair, not an adjustable back lounge chair. The set consists of two separate cushions. One fiber filled back cushion and one fiber filled tufted seat cushion. Most people order the back cushion with no tufts. However, you have the option of different tuft layouts for both the seat and back cushion. Hundreds of indoor and indoor/outdoor fabrics to choose from.

Ties are typically not needed for this type of cushion set, but you have the option to order them if you like.

Note: The more tufts in a tufted cushions, the thinner it gets and the more firm it becomes.

Go to Foam Chaise Lounge Cushion Set to shop for a chaise cushion set with a solid foam seat cushion rather than a tufted seat cushion.

Required options you must choose from include:

  • Seat Cushion Size (in.)
    • 22 Wide x 52.5 Long
    • 22 Wide x 55 Long
    • 22 Wide x 58 Long
  • Seat Cushion Shape Against Back Rest
    • Arched At Back
    • Rectangular At Back
    • Rounded Corners At Back
  • Seat Cushion Tufts
    • 8-Tufts
  • Back Cushion Size (in.)
    • 22W x 18H Back
    • 22W x 19H Back
    • 22W x 20H Back
    • 22W x 21H Back
    • 22W x 22H Back
  • Back Cushion Shape
    • Arched Top
    • Rectangular Top
    • Rounded Corners Top
  • Back Cushion Tufts
    • 1- Center Tuft
    • 2-Tufts Horizontal
    • 4-Tufts Square
    • 4-Tufts Diamond
  • Back Cushion Ties
    • No Ties
    • 2-Sets of Ties At Back Rest
    • 4-Sets of Ties - All 4 Corners
  • Choice of Fabric
  • Quantity

Options you are not required to choose from:

  • Seat Cushion Tufts
    • 8-Tufts In Two Rows of 4: This is our standard design for this chaise lounge cushion. Choice is preselected for you.)
  • Number of Ties and Placement: Ties help keep a cushion stationary but are not needed for most indoor and patio chaise lounge chair cushion sets with arms or sides. A number of our customers have indicated that they like to use one set of ties for the chaise lounge seat cushion because it helps keep it from sliding forward.

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Seat Size
Seat Shape
Seat Cushion Tufts-Buttons
Back Size
Back Shape
Back Cushion Tufts/Buttons
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