Ottoman Cushions - Replacement - Tufted - Rectangular

Ottoman Cushions - Replacement - Tufted - Rectangular

Tufted Ottoman Cushion

Our Tufted Ottoman Cushions Are Made In The USA!

Our ottoman cushions are designed for economical yet quality ottoman cushion replacements. Replacement ottoman cushions can be used inside or outdoors. Tufted ottoman cushions are economical footstool cushions that have an aesthetic charm and relaxing comfort when compared to solid foam ottoman cushions. They are designed for comfort and fashion. Tufted ottoman cushions are filled with 100% polyester fiber to ensure the proper amount of cushioning you need to support your feet. You can choose a rectangular or square shape to fit your ottoman frame. Ottoman cushions are available in various sizes with a choice of fabric from our fabric gallery. Choose a single tuft placed in the center of the ottoman which provides an elegant look or four tufts evenly spaced out. We recommend using at least one tuft for ottoman cushions because fiber-filled cushions will expand too much not to have at least one tuft. Tufted cushions provide the ability to use both sides of this cushion providing you don't have ties placed on the bottom center of the cushion. If you prefer a flat look, we suggest you consider a solid foam ottoman cushion solid foam ottoman cushion.

Required options you must choose from include:

  • Size (in.)
    • 15 x 18
    • 15 x 19
    • 16 x 18
    • 16.5 x 17.5
    • 16 x 20
    • 17 x 19
    • 17 x 20
    • 17 x 21
    • 18 x 22
    • 19 x 19
    • 19 x 22
    • 19 x 23
  • Tufts
    • No Tufts
    • 1-Tufts
    • 4-Tufts
  • Choice of Fabric
  • Quantity

Options you are not required to choose from:

  • Number of Ties and Placement: Ties help keep a cushion stationary but are not needed for most indoor and patio ottoman cushions. Should you want ties, this is where you can specify how many ties you want and where you want them placed on the cushion.
    • 1-Center Tie on Bottom
    • 4-Ties on Corners

Our Price:


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Weight 18.00 lbs