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Wicker Wardrobe Armoire Cabinets

Wicker wardrobes with ornate wicker designs for storing your clothes. Also known as armoires, these wicker wardrobe closets are portable so you can arrange them in a room where you need them or take them with you when you move to a new location. Doors open into a large space with a cross bar to allow you to hang clothes in the top section and roomy drawers below to store small or folded items.

A wicker armoire is a great piece of bedroom furniture for rooms that don't have enough closet space or if you need to expand your existing storage space. This type of cabinet combines a closet and chest of drawers all in to one unit. Wicker wardrobes are excellent choices for adding storage space for small rooms, apartments, cabins and beach homes. So, when shopping for a wicker armoire, shop for the best wicker wardrobe closets anywhere.


  • Bombay Wicker Wardrobe Armoire

    Bombay Wicker Wardrobe Armoire

    For a defined style that is monumental in home design, choose the Bombay style for your current décor. The Bombay Wardrobe Armoire is both racy and entertaining while keeping a useful air to current décor. Ideal for storage, this item is great for guest bedrooms, beach side cabins, second home master bedroom décor or as a splendid revival to current décor at the household.

    Made with magnetic door clasps for the double door opening to the shelves and cross bar and easy-glide modern style drawers, you will be comfortable, easygoing and assured that your chosen piece of furniture that is a sturdy and fantastic purchase. This furniture is available in dark brown finish. Make this purchase both spontaneous and practical with a versatile ornate wicker Armoire.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 36W x 22D x 75H
    • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 100
  • Florentine Wicker Armoire

    Florentine Wicker Armoire

    Made with a classical air and defined elegance, the Florentine Wicker Armoire wardrobe is nothing if not a classically ornate and finely designed piece that will add a great deal to your home use. Made with magnetic door hatches, multiple storage shelves, and easy-glide drawers, this armoire will be everything to its user.

    For storing of anything from clothing, school supplies, linens, and china, this piece is sturdy and versatile. Made with a A-Grade wicker, this item will accent any room in the house with usability and classic style. Choose from available finishes to make it match your home décor.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 37W x 23D x 72H
    • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 100
    $1,492.26 save 17%
  • Hampton Bay Wicker Wardrobe

    Hampton Bay Wicker Wardrobe

    An effective armoire is both versatile and useful with a defined style to add to any room. Made with additional shelving, magnetic door hatches, and three stacked shelves which are made with an easy-glide modern style, this versatile closet will produce wide possibilities for a user.

    Great for guest bedrooms and organizational direction, this closet can easily be used for anything from storing of additional linens to everyday clothing. With a variety of finishes to choose from, this piece will become useful for all family members and will continue to claim use around the house for years to come.

    • Approx. Dimensions (in.): 34W x 22D x 70H
    • Approx.Wt. (lb.): 100
    $1,454.11 save 17%